send up
transitive verb phrase
1. (to send) 
a. decir que suba (person) 
The secretary sent Mr. Atkins up to the manager's office.El secretario le dijo al Sr. Atkins que subiera al despacho del gerente.
b. mandar subir (thing) 
We'll send some food up for you so that you can keep working.Mandaremos subirles comida para que puedan seguir trabajando.
2. (to launch) 
a. lanzar 
The sailors in the lifeboat sent up a flare.Los marineros en el bote salvavidas lanzaron una bengala.
3. (to cause to incrase) 
The restriction on the importation of this product has sent the price up.La restricción de la importación de este producto ha hecho subir el precio.
4. (colloquial) (to mock) (United Kingdom) 
This bit is supposed to send up government bureaucracy.Se supone que esta parte se burla de la burocracia del gobierno.
b. imitar 
The actors on the show always send up lots of different celebrities.Los actores de la serie siempre imitan a muchos famosos diversos.
The film sends up the spy films of the 1960's.La película parodia las películas de espías de los 1960.
send up
transitive verb phrase
1. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
a. parodiar, remedar (parody) 
send up
transitive verb
1 (cause to rise) [+rocket, balloon,] lanzar; [+smoke, dust, spray] despedir; [+prices] provocar la subida de; hacer subir
This spring, NASA sent up a new satellite A French yacht had sent up red distress flares after a crew member was hit on the head and knocked unconscious the explosion sent up clouds of smoke and dust the jeep whizzed past us sending up clouds of dust as it did so the red buses and taxis sending up plumes of spray from the wet roads he fell into the puddle, sending up a splash of muddy water as he did so the geyser was sending up jets of hot water Iraq's invasion of Kuwait sent oil prices up a confident statement on prospects sent the shares up 19p to 157p
2 (dispatch)
send him up! ¡que suba!; I'll have some coffee sent up mandaré or pediré que me suban café
Eleanor sent up a tray of food at which he only picked he asked for lunch to be sent up to him I'll send someone up with your luggage my father sent me up to my room
3 (Britain) (parody) burlarse de; parodiar
is to make a one-off special called A Class Act, sending up the class system I like films that send up other films, which is why I thought Airplane was so good You sense he is sending himself up as well as everything else a spoof that sends up the macho world of fighter pilots
4 (blow up) volar
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