send on

send on
transitive verb phrase
1. (to forward) 
a. remitir 
My old landlady said she would send my mail on.Mi casera anterior dijo que me remitiría toda mi correspondencia.
2. (to send ahead) 
a. mandar 
We're going to send on all the movie equipment so it's already in Florence when we arrive to shoot.Vamos a mandar todos el equipos cinematográfico para que ya esté en Florencia cuando lleguemos para rodar.
send on
transitive verb phrase
1. (send ahead) 
a. no direct translation 
we had our belongings sent onenviamos nuestras pertenencias a nuestro destino antes de partir
2. (forward after use) 
a. enviar más tarde 
send on
transitive verb
1 [+letter] remitir; reexpedir; [+luggage, document, report] remitir; [+person] mandar
an advance guard was sent on ahead with the news mandaron a una avanzadilla por delante con la noticia
it had been originally addressed to Cambridge and sent on Shall we send your letters on or keep them till you get back? If they post the money to you here, I'll send it on to you I went to Spain, my luggage went to Bangkok, and it was sent on to me at my hotel We went on a cycling holiday in France, where you could have your suitcases sent on to the hotel while you toured the region The Senate yesterday passed the bill and sent it on to President Bush We coordinate the reports from the overseas divisions, and send them on to headquarters in Athens all the cases/requests we couldn't deal with were sent on to the research department
2 (Dep) [+substitute] mandar a jugar
Sheffield then sent on Carl Bradshaw in the 62nd minute the crowd booed loudly when Danny Wallace was sent on in Ferguson's place
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