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sencillo, -a
1. simple (fácil, sin lujo, llano)
2. natural, unaffected (campechano)
3. single (billete) (British), one-way (United States)
4. single (no múltiple)
  • habitación sencilla -> single room
masculine noun
5. single (disco)
6. loose change (informal) (cambio) (Andes, CAm, Mexican Spanish)

sencillo [sen-theel’-lyo, lyah]
1. Simple, unmixed, uncompounded.
2. Light, slight, thin, of light body (fabrics).
3. Silly, weak, easily imposed upon.
4. Ingenuous, plain, artless, harmless.
5. Simple, not ornate in style, expressing ideas naturally.
6. Single: applied to coin of less value than another of the same name.
  • Es muy sencillo -> it's very simple

1 [+costumbre, estilo, ropa] simple
su forma de hablar es sencilla y directa his manner of speaking is simple and direct
2 [+asunto, problema] simple; straightforward
es un plato sencillo de hacer pero apetitoso it's a simple but tasty dish; the dish is straightforward to make, but tasty
3 (no afectado) natural; unaffected
es muy rico pero muy sencillo en el trato he's very rich, but nevertheless very natural o unaffected
4 [+billete] single
5 (Latinoamérica) (necio) foolish
1 (disco) single
2 (Latinoamérica) (cambio) small change

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