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1. similar (parecido)(a to)
  • son de una edad semejantethey are (of) a similar age
2. such (tal)
  • jamás aceptaría semejante invitaciónI would never accept such an invitation
  • una propuesta de semejante talantea proposal of this nature, such a proposal
  • ¡cómo pudo decir semejante tontería!how could he say something so stupid!
masculine noun
3. fellow (human) being
1 (parecido) similar
ser semejantes to be alike o similar; semejante a like; es semejante a ella en el carácter she is like her in character; son muy semejantes they are very much alike o very similar; dijo eso o algo semejante she said that or something similar o something like that
2 (Matemáticas) similar
3 (uso enfático) such
nunca hizo cosa semejante he never did any such thing o anything of the sort; ¿se ha visto frescura semejante? did you ever see such cheek?
4 (S. Cone) (México) (enorme) huge; enormous
1 (prójimo) fellow man; fellow creature
nuestros semejantes our fellow men
no tiene semejante (equivalente) it has no equal; there is nothing to equal it
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