"seek" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

(pt & pp sought [sɔːt])
verbo transitivo
1. buscar (look for) (thing lost, job); tratar de conseguir (friendship, promotion)
  • to seek one's fortune -> buscar fortuna
2. (request)
  • to seek something from somebody -> pedir algo a alguien
  • to seek somebody's help/advice -> pedir ayuda/consejo a alguien
3. (try)
  • to seek to do something -> procurar hacer algo

seek [siik]
participio pasivo
2. Buscar, ir en busca de, procurar hallar alguna cosa.
3. Inquirir; solicitar, pretender.
4. Intentar, procurar.
5. Preguntar, interrogar, suplicar.
6. Acudir, dirigirse, recurrir.
7. Explorar, registrar.
verbo neutro (intransitivo)
8. Buscar, hacer preguntas o diligencias para hallar. (n)
  • To seek after -> buscar, inquirir; solicitar, pretender; perseguir; pesquisar
  • To seek for -> andar buscando, inquiriendo o preguntando por una cosa; procurar conseguir un objeto
  • To seek of -> solicitar
  • To seek out -> buscar por todos lados; pesquisar, hacer pesquisas o investigaciones; solicitar, hacer esfuerzos por conseguir un fin; seguir los perros la caza por el olfato
  • To seek to -> acudir
  • To seek one’s life -> querer matar o asesinar a uno

seek [siːk] sought (past)
1 (look for) [+work, refuge] buscar
They have had to seek work as labourers Four people have sought refuge in the Italian embassy
[+candidate] solicitar
Candidates are urgently sought for the post of Conservative party chairman He went to London to seek fame and fortune
[+honour] ambicionar
he has been sought in many countries se le ha buscado en muchos países
to seek one's fortune
it is much sought after está muy cotizado
to seek death buscar la muerte
the reason is not far to seek no es difícil indicar la causa
to seek shelter (from) buscar abrigo (de)
2 (ask for) pedir; solicitar
to seek advice from sb pedir consejo a algn
the couple sought a second opinion la pareja quiso tener una segunda opinión
Always seek professional legal advice before entering an agreement
3 (attempt)
to seek to do sth tratar de or procurar hacer algo
The prosecutors have warned they will seek the death penalty Haemophiliacs are seeking compensation for being given contaminated blood
Moscow is seeking to slow the growth of Russian inflation
to seek after or for buscar
either buyers seek after a small number of properties or the market is stagnant Some say that it is unrealistic to seek after ideals in politics He began from that moment to seek for knowledge through his studies of religion The mother roamed the world, seeking for her lost child

Verb Conjugations for "seek" (go to buscar)


I seek I sought I will seek
you seek you sought you will seek
he/she seeks he/she sought he/she will seek
we seek we sought we will seek
you seek you sought you will seek
they seek they sought they will seek
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