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usage note
To talk about being thirsty in Spanish, use the phrase "tener sed". Ex. "Yo tengo sed." - "I am thirsty."
feminine noun
1. (desire for fluids)
a. thirst
El vampiro tiene una sed de sangre mortal.The vampire has an deadly thirst for blood.
2. (desire to possess)
a. yearn
Los estudiantes tienen sed de conocimiento.The students yearn for knowledge.
ver ser
feminine noun
1. thirst
  • las palomitas dan sed popcorn makes you thirsty
  • tener sed to be thirsty
  • sed de (figurative) thirst for
  • sed de conocimientos thirst for knowledge
  • tener sed de venganza to be thirsty for revenge
1 (ganas de beber) thirst
apagar o saciar la sed to quench one's thirst; tener (mucha) sed to be (very) thirsty; sed inextinguible o insaciable unquenchable thirst
2 (Agr) drought; dryness
3 (ansia) thirst;de for; craving;de for
tener sed de to thirst o be thirsty for; crave
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