1. (private information) 
My sister is terrible at keeping secrets.Mi hermana no es capaz de guardar los secretos.
2. (private) 
a. secreto 
Teo and Lili have a secret meeting spot.Teo y Lili tienen un punto de encuentro secreto.
While doing research in France, she discovered Toulouse-Lautrec's secret journal.Mientras hacía investigaciones en Francia, descubrió el diario confidencial de Toulouse-Lautrec.
1. (general) 
a. el secreto (M) 
to do something in secrethacer algo en secreto
I make no secret of itno pretendo que sea un secreto
to let somebody into a secretrevelar or contar un secreto a alguien
2. (general) 
a. secreto(a) 
to keep something secret from somebodyocultar algo a alguien
secret agentagente secreto(a)
secret policepolicía secreta
the Secret Servicelos servicios secretos
3. (also fig) 
a. no direct translation 
secret weaponarma secreta
secret [ˈsiːkrɪt]
[+plan, ingredient, admirer, mission] secreto; [+information, document] secreto; confidencial; [+drinker, drug addict] a escondidas
it's all highly secret todo es de lo más secreto
his secret life as a gambler
to keep sth secret mantener algo en secreto
to keep sth secret from sb ocultar algo a algn
they held a secret meeting mantuvieron una reunión en secreto
they had secret talks with other companies he was sacked for a secret affair with his boss I'm being sent on a secret mission
secreto (m)
the secrets of nature los misterios de la naturaleza
to tell sb sth [as] a secret
to do sth in secret hacer algo en secreto or a escondidas
to be in on the secret estar en el secreto; estar al corriente
to keep a secret guardar un secreto
to keep sth a secret from sb ocultar algo a algn
Does that mean you have something to keep a secret from us? she kept their engagement a secret from everybody except her closest friends
to let sb into a/the secret contar or revelar a algn un/el secreto
it's no secret that ... no es ningún secreto que ...
It's no secret that he's madly in love with the boss's daughter
there's no secret about it esto no tiene nada de secreto; to have no secrets from sb no tener secretos para algn; to make no secret of sth no ocultar algo
to remain a secret seguir siendo un secreto
The results of these experiments remain a secret
to tell sb a secret contar un secreto a algn
I'll tell you a secret
the secret
the secret is to el secreto consiste en
the secret of a successful business
the secret of success el secreto del éxito
the secret of being a good teacher is listening to listen to one's pupils If you want to get a job done quickly, the secret is not to involve too many other people I once asked him the secret of his success, and he replied: "I chose the right people to work with me" She has made no secret of the fact that she wants to get another job I shall let you into a secret regarding my choice I arranged to meet him in secret
secret agent (n) agente (m) secretoasecreta;a secreta espía (m)
secret drawer (n) cajón (m) secreto or oculto
secret police (n) policía (f) secreta
secret service (n) servicio (m) secreto
secret society (n) sociedad (f) secreta
...secret [societies] such as the Templars and the Jesuits
secret weapon (n) arma (f) secreta
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Secret Santa
el amigo invisible
in secret
en secreto
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keep a secret
guardar un secreto
secret admirer
el admirador secreto
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