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1. asiento (m) (chair, on bus, train, plane); butaca (f) (in theater, cinema); localidad (f) asiento (m) (in stadium); escaño (m) (in Parliament)
  • to take a seat tomar asiento, sentarse
  • seat belt cinturón (m) de seguridad
2. asiento (m) (part) (of chair, toilet); parte (f) del trasero (of trousers)
3. sede (f) (center) (of government)
  • a seat of learning un centro de enseñanza
  • country seat casa (f) de campo (of aristocrat)
transitive verb
4. sentar (cause to sit)
  • to remain seated permanecer sentado(a)
  • please be seated (Formal) por favor, tome asiento
5. (accommodate)
  • the bus seats thirty el autobús tiene capacidad or cabida para treinta pasajeros sentados
  • this table seats twelve en esta mesa caben doce personas
seat [siːt]
1 (place to sit) asiento (m); (in cinema, theatre) butaca (f); asiento (m); (in car, plane, train, bus) asiento (m); (on cycle) sillín (m); asiento (m)
is this seat free? ¿está libre este asiento?; the back seat of the car el asiento trasero del coche; save me a seat guárdame un sitio or asiento; he used the log as a seat usaba el tronco de silla
It's always hard to see the screen properly from the front seats The most comfortable seats are at the front of the balcony Roger sat down carefully, using the edge of the crate as a seat His secretary reserved him a seat on a Continental Airlines flight He had been hoping for a window seat but the bus was full and he had to sit by the aisle
do have or take a seat siéntese por favor; tome asiento por favor (formal)
to take one's seat sentarse; tomar asiento
please take your seats for supper la cena está servida
to take a back seat mantenerse al margen
his private life takes a back seat to the problems of the company su vida privada ocupa un segundo lugar después de los problemas de la compañía
2 [of chair, toilet] asiento (m)
the stool had a torn, red plastic seat There was a cushion on the seat of the chair She was always complaining that her husband left the seat up
3 (ticket) (Teat) (Cine) (Dep) localidad (f); entrada (f); (for plane, train, bus) plaza (f)
we need two seats on the first available flight necesitamos dos plazas en el primer vuelo disponible; are there any seats left? (Teat) (Cine) (Dep) ¿quedan localidades or entradas?; (on plane) ¿quedan plazas?
there were no seats left I rang the theatre to see if I could get seats for the show to book reserve a seat
4 (Pol) (in parliament) escaño (m); curul (f); (Col) (constituency) circunscripción (f) electoral
to [keep]/[lose] one's seat a majority of 50 seats to [win]/[lose] a seat to take one's seat in the (House of) Commons
she kept/lost her seat in the election retuvo/perdió su escaño en las elecciones
it's a [safe] Labour seat Pramila was finally selected to stand for Birmingham Ladywood. It was to be a very hard initiation, as they [won] 95 seats
5 (on board, committee) puesto (m)
to have a seat on the board ser miembro de la junta directiva
He has been unsuccessful in his attempt to win a seat on the board of the company
6 [of trousers] fondillos (m)
Her jeans had a gaping hole in the seat There was a hole in the seat of his jeans
to do sth by the seat of one's pants hacer algo guiado por el instinto
Pilots in the early days of aviation flew "by the seat of their pants". it seemed to Bunbury that his companion in crime was almost literally driving by the seat of his pants and adlibbing his arguments off the top of his head I escaped by the seat of my pants
7 (centre) [of government] sede (f); [of family] residencia (f); casa (f) solariega
Dungavel House, the county seat of the Duke of Hamilton the neighboring town (the present county seat) was named Tribune in honor of the New York paper In the eleventh century the seat of government shifted to London from Winchester
family seat casa (f) solariega
the sixth Earl of Stradbroke arrived in a blaze of publicity to claim his family seat of Henham in Suffolk Alnwick Castle, the Duke's family seat in Northumberland seat of justice
seat of learning centro (m) de estudios; templo (m) del saber (literary)
Sunderland was a seat of learning in the 7th century No one has ever heard of an owl converting a place like this into a residence and a famous seat of learning seat of power
8 (source) [of infection, problem] foco (m)
we must find out whether it is your emotions that are the seat of the problem The jaw had been fractured some years before and this fracture had become the seat of the infection. The puffer fish is poisonous and the seat of the venom may be its head
9 (buttocks) trasero (informal) (m); posaderas (informal) (f)
She tripped over and landed on her seat
10 [of rider]
Stiffness in this area can wreck a good seat and is directly transmitted to the horse in riding
to have a good seat montar bien
Jennifer Balcombe shone in the Sheepgate Young Rider Derby, showing a good seat and a tactful effectiveness
to keep one's seat mantenerse sobre el caballo; to lose one's seat caer del caballo
transitive verb
1 [+person] [+child, invalid] sentar
they seat guests at a different table every day todos los días ponen a los invitados en mesas diferentes; please remain seated por favor permanezcan sentados (formal)
The waiter seated him at my table where shall we seat the bishop?
please be seated tome asiento por favor (formal); to seat o.s. sentarse; tomar asiento (formal)
He seated himself at the table "Thank you," she said, seating herself on the sofa How had they come to seat themselves exactly at his table?
2 (hold) [+hall, vehicle] tener cabida para
the bus seats 53 people el autobús tiene cabida para 53 personas (sentadas); el autobús tiene 53 plazas or asientos; the car seats five caben cinco personas en el coche; el coche tiene cabida para cinco personas; the theatre seats 900 el teatro tiene un aforo de 900 localidades; el teatro tiene cabida para 900 personas; the table can seat 20 comfortably en la mesa caben 20 personas cómodamente
the table seats 12 Coaches normally seat 50 people The hall seats four hundred
3 (Mec) [+valve, bearing] asentar; ajustar
Seat the bearings in the cone, well covered in grease
deeply seated attitudes actitudes (f) muy arraigadas
his concern about the treatment of these people is a deeply seated thing The Navy has acknowledged that it must change deeply-seated cultural attitudes
seat back (n) respaldo (m) del asiento
The seat back is too erect
seat belt (n) cinturón (m) de seguridad
he wasn't wearing a seat belt no llevaba puesto el cinturón de seguridad; fasten your seat belts (Aer) abróchense el cinturón de seguridad; put your seat belt on (Aut) póngase el cinturón de seguridad
I undid unbuckled my seat belt


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