1. (animal) 
a. la foca (F) 
Seals feed mostly on fish and marine invertebrates.Las focas se alimentan principalmente de peces e invertebrados marinos.
2. (emblem) 
a. el sello (M) 
Many years ago, it was common to send letters with a wax seal on the envelope.Hace muchos años, era común enviar cartas con un sello de cera en el sobre.
3. (closure) 
The seal on the package must be air-tight to preserve the contents.El precinto del paquete debe ser hermético para preservar los contenidos.
b. la junta (F) 
The sink is leaking water because one of the seals on the pipes broke.El fregadero está goteando agua porque una de las juntas de los tubos se rompió.
transitive verb
4. (to secure) 
a. sellar 
We sealed the edges of the windows to prevent the cold air from entering.Sellamos los bordes de las ventanas para evitar que el aire frío entrara.
5. (to close tightly) 
a. precintar 
All of the jars must be sealed before shipment.Todos los frascos deben ser precintados antes del envío.
b. cerrar 
We sealed the box carefully with packaging tape.Cerramos la caja cuidadosamente con cinta de embalaje.
6. (to determine) 
a. decidir 
The third goal sealed the victory for the team.El tercer gol decidió la victoria para el equipo.
His fate was sealed when the incriminating evidence was found.Su destino fue determinado cuando se encontró la evidencia comprometedora.
c. sellar 
If we seal the deal today, our boss will give us a bonus.Si sellamos el acuerdo hoy, nuestro jefe nos dará un bono.
1. (stamp) 
a. el sello (M) 
to give one's seal of approval to somethingdar el visto bueno a algo
to set the seal on somethingsellar algo
2. (on machine, pipes, connection) 
a. la junta (F) 
3. (on bottle, box, letter) 
a. el precinto (M) 
transitive verb
4. (with official seal) 
a. sellar 
5. (close; envelope, frontier) 
a. precintar, cerrar 
6. (jar, joint) 
a. precintar, cerrar herméticamente 
my lips are sealedsoy una tumba
seal [siːl]
1 (official stamp) sello (m)
the papal/presidential seal el sello papal/presidencial
a supply of notepaper bearing the Presidential seal In the wax you can see the faint imprint of a seal to give the one's seal of [approval] (to sth)
they have given their seal of approval to the proposed reforms han dado el visto bueno a or han aprobado las reformas que se planean
it has the Royal Academy's seal of approval cuenta con la aprobación or el visto bueno de la Real Academia
Last November the Commission gave its seal of approval to the deal to [put] [set] the seal on sth
seal of quality sello or marchamo (m) de calidad
The best wines are entitled to a numbered seal of quality
this set the seal on their friendship/on her humiliation esto selló su amistad/remató su humillación
the experience set the seal on their friendship The recent floods finally put the seal on a disappointing summer seal of [office] Irish prime minister Charles Haughey handed over his seal of office last night to President Mary Robinson
under my hand and seal firmado y sellado por mí
2 [of envelope, parcel, exterior of bottle, jar] precinto (m); (inside lid of jar) aro (m) de goma; (on fridge door) cierre (m) de goma; (on door, window) burlete (m)
the seal on the windows is not very good estas ventanas no cierran bien
the rubber seal on the fridge door was worn I noticed that the seals of the packet had been broken ..a sealed envelope. 'Who gave you this?' he asked before he broke the seal You shouldn't buy jars of food if the seal has been broken Protesters banged on the sides of the lorry and broke customs seals on the doors Check seals on fridges and freezers regularly It's very important to get a good seal around the edges of these attic hatches This type of cork forms a tight seal and keeps the wine fresh we would have died but for the fact there was such a good seal on the door between our sleeping accomodation and the toilet to form a [good] seal make sure the pastry forms a good seal round the edge of the pie Because the transcript is still under seal, I am precluded by law from discussing its contents the manuscripts were still under seal of confidentiality
3 (Rel)
the seal of the confessional el secreto de confesión
the police would get nothing out of me and they probably wouldn't even try. They respect the seal of the confessional The rumours would be out and everybody would believe that the seal of the confessional had been broken
transitive verb
1 (close) [+envelope] cerrar; [+package, coffin] precintar; [+border] cerrar
a sealed envelope un sobre cerrado
the army sealed the border with Pakistan Burma has begun to seal its borders in advance of national elections to be held soon She sealed the box with sticky tape When the letter was finished he sealed and addressed it She made sure the letter was sealed and stamped Before the coffin was sealed, he bent to slip a ring on the dead girl's finger seal the edges of the piecrust with egg
2 (stop up, make airtight) [+container] tapar or cerrar herméticamente; [+surface] sellar
the wood is sealed with several coats of varnish la madera se sella con varias capas de barniz
store, tightly sealed, in the refrigerator The surface is sealed with several coats of varnish The wood is sealed with beeswax for a water-resistant finish She filled the containers, sealed them with a cork and put labels on them Pour in the pickling liquid and seal the jar
3 (enclose)
to seal sth in sth
seal the letter in a blank envelope mete la carta en un sobre en blanco y ciérralo; seal in airtight containers guárdelos en recipientes herméticos
portions of food sealed in plastic bags the sick were sealed in stifling rooms The fabric, said to be 2,000 years old, was sealed in a copper casket A woman picks them up and seals them in plastic bags Each individual condom is sealed in its own foil wrapper ...nuclear waste materials sealed in concrete blocks The milk was sterilized and sealed in bottles
4 (confirm) [+bargain, deal] sellar; [+victory] decidir; [+sb's fate] decidir; determinar
that goal sealed the match ese gol decidió or determinó el resultado del partido
victory was sealed in the 62nd minute He poured them each a drink to seal the bargain The deal was sealed by the leaders of the two countries It was Kern's score that really sealed the show's reputation as ...the film that sealed Schumacher's success to seal sb's [fate] This disaster sealed the fate of the expedition A General Election will be held which will seal his fate one way or the other Sikorski's death sealed the fate of Polish-Soviet relations Harris' death will seal the fate of 329 other people condemned to die in California
5 (Cookery) [+meat] sofreír a fuego vivo para que no pierda el jugo; (para que no pierda el jugo)
seal the cubes of beef in small batches to prevent too much steam
seal [siːl]
(Zool) foca (f)
intransitive verb
to go sealing ir a cazar focas
seal cull seal culling (n) matanza (f) (selectiva) de focas
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