usage note
Both forms, "guion" and "guión", are accepted.
1. (for play, film) 
a. el guión (M) 
2. (in exam) 
a. el ejercicio (escrito), examen (M) 
script [skrɪpt]
1 (Cine) guión (m)
film script guión (m); (Rad) argumento (m)
Jenny's writing a film script (Teat) (TV)
Radio 4 ran a competition inviting young writers to send in scripts for radio plays Dennis Potter wrote Karaoke as an original script for television
2 (system of writing) escritura (f); (handwriting) letra (f)
Nobody could decipher my microscopic script she continued studying the lines of close, slanted script to write sth in italic script It was written on blue paper in impressive italic script He was standing at the wooden counter writing some notes in his careful, legible script
(typeface) fuente (f); tipo (m) de letra
Thomas told his secretary to \type the letter in italic Helvetica script\ WordPerfect boasts a wide range of scripts
Arabic/Gothic script escritura (f) árabe/gótica
the Arabic script to write sth in Gothic script It was written in a script I had never seen before
3 (in exam) escrito (m)
At the end of the examination, please stop writing and hand in your scripts
transitive verb
[+film] escribir el guión de; [+play] escribir el argumento de
the film was not well scripted la película no tenía un buen guión
a Malcolm Mclaren film scripted by Barry Keefe Weather forecasters have to research and script their bulletins Before the meeting, \script what you are going to say\ and then practise saying it out loud
script editor (n) (Cine) (TV) revisorarevisora (m) (f) de guión;a revisora
script girl (n) (Cine) script (f); anotadora (f)


1. (general) 
a. script 
2. (general) 
a. script girl 
script [esˈkri]
scripts (plural) [esˈkri] script-girl
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