screw on

screw on
transitive verb phrase
1. (with screw) 
a. atornillar 
2. (lid, top) 
a. enroscar 
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
he's got his head screwed ontiene la cabeza en su sitio
intransitive verb
4. (lid, top) 
a. enroscarse 
screw on
transitive verb
1 (with screws)
to screw sth on to a board fijar algo en un tablón con tornillos; he's got his head screwed on sabe cuántas son cinco
2 (by twisting)
to screw on a lid enroscar una tapa; screw the lid on tightly enrosca or mete bien la tapa
1 (with screws)
it screws on here se fija aquí con tornillos
2 (by twisting)
the lid screws on la tapa se cierra a rosca or enroscándose
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