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1. paleta (f) (utensil) (for flour, mashed potato); pinzas (f pl) de cuchara (for ice cream); cucharilla (f) plana (for sugar)
2. bola (f) (portion) (of ice cream); paletada (f) (of mashed potato)
3. primicia (f) (periodismo)
transitive verb
  • to scoop a story obtener una primicia
scoop [skuːp]
1 (for flour) pala (f); (for ice cream, water) cucharón (m); (quantity scooped) palada (f); cucharada (f);
2 (by newspaper) exclusiva (f); (Comm) golpe (m) financiero; pelotazo (informal) (m)
to make a scoop (Press) dar una exclusiva; (Comm) ganar un dineral de golpe y porrazo (informal); dar el pelotazo (informal); it was a scoop for the paper fue un gran éxito para el periódico; we brought off the scoop logramos un triunfo con la exclusiva
transitive verb
1 (pick up) recoger
Michael knelt next to her and scooped her into his arms
2 (Comm) [+profit] sacar; (Comm) (Press) [+competitors] adelantarse a; (Press) [+exclusive story] publicar en exclusiva
we scooped the other papers quedamos por encima de los demás periódicos con nuestra exclusiva
3 [+prize, award] hacerse con; obtener
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