Usage note
The words "tijera" and "tijeras" can be used interchangeably in Spanish to refer to a single pair of scissors.
plural noun
1. (tool) 
a. la tijera (F) 
Can you hand me the scissors that are in my sewing box?¿Me pasas la tijera que está en mi costurero?
For this project, you will need construction paper and scissors.Para este proyecto, necesitarás papel de construcción y unas tijeras.
transitive verb
2. (to cut with scissors) 
He scissored his mustache.Cortó sus bigotes con tijera.
Please scissor the loose threads.Por favor, corta con tijeras los hilos sueltos.
1. (general) 
a. la tijeras (F) 
a pair of scissorsunas tijeras
scissors [ˈsɪzəz]
plural noun
tijeras (f)
a pair of scissors unas tijeras
scissors jump (n) tijera (f)
scissors kick (n) chilena (f); tijereta (f)
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rock, paper, scissors
piedra, papel o tijera
piedra, papel o tijera
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