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1. sistema (m) (m) étodo (m) (arrangement, system); plan (m) proyecto (m) (plan); intriga (f) (plot)
  • in the (greater) scheme of things desde una perspectiva general, en un plano global
  • (housing) scheme plan (m) de vivienda
intransitive verb
2. intrigar (Pej)
scheme [skiːm]
1 (project) plan (m); proyecto (m)
schemes to help combat unemployment the company was pouring around $30 million into the scheme
(plan) plan (m)
they would first have to work out some scheme for getting the treasure out \a quick money-making scheme\ to get us through the summer
a road-widening scheme un plan de ensanchamiento de calzadas
2 (idea) idea (f)
it's not a bad scheme no es mala idea; it's some crazy scheme of his es otro de sus proyectos alocados
a hare-brained scheme
3 (programme) programa (m)
a scheme of work un programa de trabajo
4 (structure) esquema (m)
colour scheme combinación (f) de colores; pension scheme sistema (m) de pensión; man's place in the scheme of things el puesto del hombre en el diseño divino; in the government's scheme of things there is no place for protest la política del gobierno no deja espacio para la protesta
in the (grand) scheme of things We realize that we are infinitely small in the scheme of things in my, your, his etc scheme of things He did not quite know how to place women in his scheme of things
5 (conspiracy) intriga (f); (crafty) ardid (m)
he devised \a crafty scheme\ to get out of paying tax
it's a scheme to get him out of the way es una jugada para quitarle de en medio
intransitive verb
intrigar;to do para hacer
they're scheming to get me out están intrigando para expulsarme
they schemed to overthrow the government
their opponents were scheming against them sus adversarios estaban conspirando contra ellos
The bride's family were scheming to prevent a wedding
transitive verb
proyectar; tramar; urdir;
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