1. (tool) 
a. la sierra (F) 
We are going to need a heavy-duty saw to take down that tree.Vamos a necesitar una sierra industrial para talar ese árbol.
transitive verb
2. (to cut) 
a. serruchar 
The lumberjack sawed the thick tree trunk.El leñador serruchó el tronco grueso del árbol.
b. serrar (Spain) 
I will saw the lumber to make it the right size.Serraré la madera para que sea del tamaño correcto.
c. cortar (with saw) 
I sawed the plank in half.Corté la tabla por la mitad.
saw [sɔː] sawed (past)sawed sawn
(tool) sierra (f)
transitive verb
intransitive verb
to saw through cortar con (una) sierra
saw edge (n) filo (m) dentado or de sierra
saw [sɔː]
saw [sɔː]
(saying) refrán (m); dicho (m)
Phrases with "saw"
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circular saw
la sierra circular
she saw
I saw her
la vi
I saw you
te vi
I saw a movie
vi una película
I saw him
lo vi, lo veía
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