plural noun
1. (money put aside) 
She keeps her savings in cash in a candy tin.Guarda sus ahorros en efectivo en un tarro de caramelos.
2. (the act of putting money aside) 
a. el ahorro (M) 
Saving is important so you have money available when opportunities present themselves.El ahorro es importante para que tengas dinero disponible cuando las oportunidades se presenten.
Saving is only possible if your income is more than enough to meet the bare necessities.Ahorrar es posible sólo si el ingreso es más que suficiente para satisfacer las necesidades básicas.
3. (the act of economizing) 
a. el ahorro (M) 
We got a savings of 15% by buying in bulk.Realizamos un ahorro del 15% en la compra a granel.
4. (apart from) 
a. salvo 
The congregation stood silently, saving one woman singing "Amazing Grace."La congregación se puso de pie en silencio, salvo una mujer que cantaba "Sublime gracia".
b. excepto 
Everyone escaped the building before it collapsed, saving a rescue dog.Todos se escaparon del edificio antes de que colapsara, excepto un perro de rescate.
1. (economy) 
a. el ahorro (M) 
to make savingsahorrar, economizar
2. (finance) 
a. no direct translation 
savingsahorros mpl
she lived off her savingsvivía de sus ahorros
savings accountcuenta de ahorros
savings bankcaja de ahorros
savings and loan association≃ caja de ahorros
3. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
her saving gracelo único que le salva
saving [ˈseɪvɪŋ]
his actions resulted in the saving of many lives
2 (putting aside) ahorro (m)
a policy to encourage saving and investment una política para fomentar el ahorro y la inversión; regular saving is the best provision for the future ahorrar con regularidad es la mejor manera de hacer previsiones para el futuro
the provision of public pensions for the aged substantially depresses the rate of private saving turn to the section on saving and investment
3 (economy) ahorro (m)
this price represents a saving of £100 este precio supone un ahorro de 100 libras
we pass this saving on to the customer
we must make savings tenemos que economizar or hacer economías; this ticket enables you to make a saving on standard rail fares este billete le supondrá un ahorro con respecto a las tarifas de tren normales
By taking a different route to work he made a saving of 10 minutes on his journey time.
4 savings ahorros (m)
she has savings of £3,000 sus ahorros suman 3.000 libras; tiene ahorradas 3.000 libras; life savings los ahorros de toda una vida
to [live] on off one's savings
saving grace: his only saving grace was that ... lo único que lo salvaba era que ...
it has the saving grace that ... Soulless tower blocks line the coast in the most garish colours, while tacky shopping precincts selling duty-free everything, bars and discos complete the scene. The one saving grace of this resort are the lovely sandy dunes her saving grace was that the moment she turned her attention to herbs, she became a different person, single-minded, sympathetic one of the few saving graces of this tragic episode was that no one was killed
(apart from) salvo; excepto
He needs all the colours, saving the black
savings account (n) cuenta (f) de ahorros
savings and loan association (n) (US) sociedad (f) de ahorro y préstamo
savings bank (n) caja (f) de ahorros
savings bond (n) bono (m) de ahorros
savings book (n) cartilla (f) or libreta (f) de ahorros
savings certificate (n) bono (m) de ahorros
savings stamp (n) sello (m) de ahorros
In 1918, National Savings stamps went on sale in Britain
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savings account
la cuenta de ahorros
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