1. (old-fashioned) 
a. el salvaje (M)la salvaje (F) 
2. (animal, person) 
a. salvaje 
3. (attack) 
a. salvaje, feroz 
4. (criticism) 
a. virulento(a) 
transitive verb
5. (attack physically) 
a. atacar salvajemente 
6. (fig) 
a. criticar con saña or virulencia (criticize) 
savage [ˈsævɪdʒ]
1 (ferocious) [+animal, attack] feroz; salvaje; [+person] salvaje; [+blow] violento; [+war, criticism, remark] despiadado
to have a savage temper tener un carácter muy violento
2 (primitive) [+custom, tribe] salvaje; primitivo
3 (drastic) [+cuts, reductions] drástico; radical
salvaje (m)
transitive verb
1 (injure) atacar salvajemente
two children have been savaged by an alsatian dos niños fueron salvajemente atacados por un pastor alemán
She was savaged by a bear
2 (criticize) atacar ferozmente or despiadadamente
she was savaged by the press la prensa la atacó ferozmente or despiadadamente; la prensa se ensañó con ella
an opposition spokesman savaged the Government's housing programme On November 3rd the bill was savaged in the House of Lords ...a week-long official visit to Spain where he was savaged by the Spanish press
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