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sano, -a
1. healthy (saludable)
  • un ejercicio/clima muy sano, -a -> a very healthy exercise/climate
  • hacer vida sana -> to have a healthy lifestyle
  • sano, -a y salvo -> safe and sound
2. wholesome (positivo) (ambiente, educación)
3. intact, undamaged (entero)
  • no quedó ni un vaso sano, -a -> not a glass was left unbroken o undamaged
  • cortar por lo sano, -a -> to make a clean break

sano [sah'-no, nah]
1. Sound (madera, órgano), healthy (clima), wholesome, hale, hearty; salutary; sane; secure.
2. Sincere, well-disposed, discreet, wise, steady.
3. Safe, free from fault, harmless.
4. Entire, complete: Sano y salvo, safe and sound.
  • No ha quedado plato sano en toda la casa -> there wasn's a plate left whole in the house

1 (con salud) [+persona] healthy; [+órgano] sound; [+fruta] unblemished
cortar por lo sano to take extreme measures; go right to the root of the problem
2 (beneficioso) [+clima, dieta] healthy; [+comida] wholesome
3 (entero) whole; intact
sano y salvo safe and sound; no quedó plato sano en toda la casa there wasn't a plate in the house left unbroken; esa silla no es muy sana that chair is not too strong
4 (sin vicios) [+persona] healthy; [+enseñanza, idea] sound; [+deseo] earnest; sincere; [+objetivo] worthy

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