feminine noun
1. sangria (bebida)
2. bloodbath (matanza)
3. drain (ruina)
4. bloodletting (medicine)

sangría [san-gree’-ah]
1. Bleeding, blood-letting. (Surgery) (f)
2. Any incision which emits blood. (f)
3. Present made to a person who bleeds. (f)
4. An extraction or stealing of something to small parcels. (f)
5. Indenting a line. (Printing) (f)
6. Inside of the arm, where a vein is usually opened. (f)
7. V. (f)
8. A beverage of red wine, lemon, and water; sangaree. (f)
9. Irrigation (acequía). (f)
10. Fruit cup. (Culinary) (f)

1 (Med) bleeding; bloodletting
sangría suelta excessive flow of blood
2 [de recursos] outflow; drain
3 (Anatomía) inner angle of the elbow
4 (Agr) (acequia) irrigation channel; (desagüe) outlet; outflow; (zanja) ditch; (drenaje) drainage
5 [de alto horno] (acción) tapping; (metal fundido) stream of molten metal
6 (Culin) sangria
7 (Tipografía) (Informática) indentation

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