1. (general) 
a. la muestra (F) 
2. (medicine) 
to take a sampletomar una muestra
transitive verb
3. (public opinion) 
a. sondear 
4. (food, experience) 
a. probar 
5. (music) 
a. samplear 
sample [ˈsɑːmpl]
1 (example) muestra (f)
send in a sample of your artwork envíe una muestra de sus ilustraciones
It is a sample of how in general I would now be writing if I were able to do free original work. the following recordings are merely a short sample of music on disc or tape
2 (Med) (Bot) (Zool) [of substance] muestra (f)
a blood/urine sample una muestra de sangre/orina
a [tissue] sample Laboratory tests cannot give any information about allergies or even vitamin status from a hair sample. When I went to the doctor's last week, I had to take a urine sample with me. A scientist and his assistants took soil samples which were later to be tested for lead contamination.
to take a sample tomar una muestra
3 (Comm) [of product] muestra (f)
free sample muestra (f) gratuita
a free sample of perfume We're giving away 2000 free samples of the new shampoo. She picked up a trial-sized sample of a new breakfast cereal. You'll receive samples of paint, curtains, upholstery ... of people things A study of victims of burglary reports that 60 per cent of that sample of victims experienced emotional upset. The identity of a victim can be established by comparing his DNA with \a control sample\ with the hair of a relative. We did not use \a random sample\ of the population, but carefully chose who to interview for the questionnaire I recognised the drum sample in the track as coming from an old Led Zeppelin song. They're the latest thing on the music scene and they use a lot of samples in their songs.
transitive verb
1 (try out) [+food, drink] probar
We stopped at a restaurant to sample the area's famous truffles Here's your chance to sample Hungarian Cabernet Sauvignon at a low price.
the chance to sample a different way of life la oportunidad de probar un modo de vida distinto
ever eager to sample the real world, she took a job as an assistant in the Pizza Hut It is regrettable that those politicians from the east European countries who have suffered oppression have not had the opportunity to sample life under the Thatcher government. every year thousands endure the long drive down from the Channel ports to sample the spectacular scenery and excellent weather
2 (take samples) tomar muestras de
we've had call for scientific reasons to sample the wastes that are in the canal
3 (Statistics) muestrear
sample book (n) muestrario (m)
sample pack (n) paquete (m) de muestra
sample survey (n) estudio (m) de muestras
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