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  • the same man el mismo hombre
  • the same woman la misma mujer
  • the same children los mismos niños
  • the same one el (la) mismo(a)
  • the house isn't the same without her la casa no es la misma sin ella
  • in the same way del mismo modo, de igual forma
  • to go the same way ir por el mismo camino
  • the or that very same day el or ese mismo día
  • it all amounts or comes to the same thing todo viene a ser lo mismo
  • at the same time al mismo tiempo; (simultaneously) sin embargo (nevertheless)
  • the same lo mismo
  • it's the same everywhere es igual en todas partes
  • if it's all the same to you si no te importa
  • (the) same again? (familiar) ¿(otra de) lo mismo? (in pub)
  • same here! (familiar) estoy de acuerdo; (I agree) yo también (I did the same thing)
  • (the) same to you! ¡igualmente!
  • I would have done the same yo hubiera hecho lo mismo
  • to think/taste the same pensar/saber igual
  • all the same de todas maneras (nevertheless)
same [seɪm]
two different photographs of the same man dos fotografías diferentes del mismo hombre; he and Tom were exactly the same age Tom y él tenían exactamente la misma edad; he will never be the same again nunca volverá a ser el mismo; the two houses are the same las dos casas son iguales; it's always the same siempre pasa lo mismo; it's not the same at all no es en absoluto lo mismo
it's the same everywhere
for the same reason por la misma razón
it's [all] the same it's [all] the same to me
if it's all the same to you si a ti te da igual or lo mismo
"Tea or coffee?" "Tea, if it's all the same to you" if it's all the same to you, I'd rather not come
we sat at the same table as usual nos sentamos en la (misma) mesa de siempre
the carpet was the same colour as the wall la moqueta era del mismo color que la pared; the price is the same as last year el precio es el mismo que el año pasado; their house is almost the same as ours su casa es casi igual a or que la nuestra; "how's Derek?" — "same as usual/ever" —¿qué tal está Derek? —como siempre
the same day el mismo día
same day delivery entrega (f) en el mismo día
same difference lo mismo da (informal)
they are much the same son más o menos iguales
they ask the same old questions siempre hacen las mismas preguntas; hacen las mismas preguntas de siempre
the same one el mismo
the same ones los mismos; one and the same person la misma persona
it comes to the same thing viene a ser lo mismo
at the same time (at once) al mismo tiempo; a la vez
they both arrived at the same time They started moving at the same time They found it was possible to work while watching TV at the same time Don't all talk at the same time It made us cautious but at the same time it made us willing to take a risk
(on the other hand) por otro lado
students have to study hard to do well. at the same time, there's no point in overdoing it or they will get over-tired and unable to think clearly a dictionary should have enough information to make the meaning clear and at the same time be easy to use yes, that's true, but at the same time you must take into account the parents' feelings This seems to penalize families unfairly. But, at the same time, the State cannot go on as it has been doing Such a development would be welcome. At the same time, it is crucial to recognize the narrowness of the approach
the very same day/person justo ese mismo día/esa misma persona
in the same way de la misma manera or forma
do you still feel the same way about me? ¿aún sientes lo mismo por mí?; do you still feel the same way about it? ¿sigues pensando lo mismo?; ¿lo sigues viendo de la misma forma?; to go the same way as sth/sb seguir el mismo camino que algo/algn
It now looks as if mi6 will go the same way as its counter-espionage partner, mi5 If we're not careful, football will go the same way as snooker, where saturation coverage killed off its appeal As you are aware there are many sex shops in the district,especially around Brewer Street and Walkers Court and we do not wish these premises to go the same way Every baby's face is different from every other's. In the same way, every baby's pattern of development is different from every other's
the same lo mismo; I'd do the same again volvería a hacer lo mismo; haría lo mismo otra vez
I would do the same for you
I don't feel the same about it as I did ya no lo veo de la misma forma; I still feel the same about you sigo sintiendo lo mismo por ti
do the same as your brother
the same again! (in bar etc) ¡otra de lo mismo!; the same is true of the arts lo mismo se puede decir de las artes
all or just the same (as adverb) (even so) de todas formas or maneras
no, but thanks all the same no, pero de todas formas, gracias
here in Scotland the tradition is dying out the same as it's dying out everywhere else
I want the best for him, the same as you quiero lo mejor para él, igual que tú
the same goes for you eso también va por ti
same here! ¡yo también!
one and the same el mismo/la misma
(and the) same to you! (returning insult) ¡lo mismo digo!; (returning good wishes) ¡igualmente!
"You're a twit." "Same to you" "Happy New year!" "Same to you"
"Mr. Smith?" — "the very same!" —¿el Sr. Smith? —¡el mismo!
All the same, the courses are very popular She knew he wasn't listening, but she went on all the same Yes, you're a nuisance sometimes, but we love you just the same I'm very cross with Alan and Jeff , and the same goes for you you'd better all try harder - and the same goes for you, Bob We're at cross purposes here; I think the articles we're talking about are one and the same
2 (Comm)
for repair of door and repainting of same reparación de la puerta y pintar la misma
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