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transitive verb
1. (to acknowledge)
a. to say hello to
La saludé en la tienda.I said hello to her at the store.
b. to say hi to
Te vi en el centro comercial ayer pero no me saludaste.I saw you in the mall yesterday but you didn't say hi to me.
c. to greet
La maestra saluda a los estudiantes en la puerta.The teacher greets her students at the door.
2. (military)
a. to salute
El teniente saludó al comandante.The lieutenant saluted the major.
3. (to gesture)
a. to wave to
La princesa saludó al pueblo desde su coche.The princess waved to the people from her car.
intransitive verb
4. (to gesture)
a. to wave
El presidente saludó antes de comenzar su discurso.The president waved before beginning his speech.
5. (to exchange greetings)
a. to say hello
Siempre saluda.He always says hello.
reciprocal verb
6. (to exchange greetings)
a. to greet one another
Se saludan cada mañana al llegar a trabajar.They greet one another every morning when they get to work.
transitive verb
1. to greet ; to salute (military)
  • ni siquiera nos saludóhe didn't even say hello (to us)
  • me saludó con la manohe waved to me (in greeting)
  • saluda a Ana de mi partegive my regards to Ana
  • le saluda atentamenteyours faithfully
  • siempre que vamos a Lima pasamos a saludarloswhenever we go to Lima we drop in to say hello
pronominal verb
1. (recíproco) to greet one another
  • ni siquiera se saludanthey don't even acknowledge each other
transitive verb
1 (al encontrarse con algn) (con palabras) to say hello to; greet (formal); (con gestos) to wave at; wave to
entré a saludarla I went in to say hello to her; me saludó dándome un beso he greeted me with a kiss; nos saludó con la mano she waved to us; le saludé desde la otra acera I waved to him from the other side of the street; les saludaban desde el barco agitando pañuelos blancos they waved white handkerchiefs at them from the ship; la saludó con una leve inclinación de cabeza he greeted her with a slight nod; la compañía en pleno salió a saludar al público the whole company came out to take a bow; salude de mi parte a su marido give my regards to your husband
ir a saludar a algn
2 (en carta)
le saluda atentamente yours faithfully
3 (Mil) to salute
4 [+noticia, suceso] to hail; welcome
intransitive verb
1 (dirigir un saludo) to say hello
nunca saluda she never says hello
2 (Mil) to salute
pronominal verb
se saludaron con un beso they greeted each other with a kiss; hace tiempo que no se saludan they haven't been speaking for some time
Verb Conjugations for saludar
Gerund: saludando
Participle: saludado
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