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transitive verb
1. to greet ; to salute (military)
  • ni siquiera nos saludó he didn't even say hello (to us)
  • me saludó con la mano he waved to me (in greeting)
  • saluda a Ana de mi parte give my regards to Ana
  • le saluda atentamente yours faithfully
  • siempre que vamos a Lima pasamos a saludarlos whenever we go to Lima we drop in to say hello
pronominal verb
1. (recíproco) to greet one another
  • ni siquiera se saludan they don't even acknowledge each other
transitive verb
1 (al encontrarse con algn) (con palabras) to say hello to; greet (formal); (con gestos) to wave at; wave to
entré a saludarla I went in to say hello to her; me saludó dándome un beso he greeted me with a kiss; nos saludó con la mano she waved to us; le saludé desde la otra acera I waved to him from the other side of the street; les saludaban desde el barco agitando pañuelos blancos they waved white handkerchiefs at them from the ship; la saludó con una leve inclinación de cabeza he greeted her with a slight nod; la compañía en pleno salió a saludar al público the whole company came out to take a bow; salude de mi parte a su marido give my regards to your husband
ir a saludar a algn
2 (en carta)
le saluda atentamente yours faithfully
3 (Mil) to salute
4 [+noticia, suceso] to hail; welcome
intransitive verb
1 (dirigir un saludo) to say hello
nunca saluda she never says hello
2 (Mil) to salute
pronominal verb
se saludaron con un beso they greeted each other with a kiss; hace tiempo que no se saludan they haven't been speaking for some time
Verb Conjugations for saludar
Gerund: saludando
Participle: saludado
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