Sale in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. venta (f) (action of selling)
  • for sale en venta; (available) se vende (sign)
  • to put something up for sale poner algo en venta
  • on sale a la venta
  • sales assistant dependiente(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) (británico)
  • sales department departamento (m) de ventas
  • sales drive promoción (f) de ventas
  • sales force personal (m) de ventas
  • sales manager jefe(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) de ventas
  • sales pitch estrategia (f) de ventas
  • sales tax impuesto (m) de venta
2. (turnover)
  • sales ventas (f pl)
  • sales figures cifra (f) de ventas
  • sales forecast previsión (f) de ventas
  • sales target objetivo (m) de ventas
3. subasta (f) (auction)
  • book sale mercadillo (m) de libros
4. rebajas (f pl) (with reduced prices)
  • the sales las rebajas
  • sale price precio (m) rebajado
  • there's a sale on at Woolworths están de rebajas en Woolworths
sale [seɪl]
1 [of item, object, house] venta (f)
a Vancouver company is handling the sale Contracts must be exchanged before the sale of the house is completed. Sales for 1996 are expected to be 40% up on last year 'Articles for Sale' a quick sale
newspaper sales have fallen ha descendido la venta de periódicos; sale and lease back venta y arrendamiento al vendedor
is it for sale? ¿está en venta?
the house is for sale la casa está en venta; esta casa se vende; it's not for sale no está en venta; to put a house up for sale poner una casa en venta
for sale se vende
to be on sale (Britain) estar a la venta
tickets are/will be on sale at the National Film Theatre
(US) estar rebajado
He bought a sports jacket on sale at Gowing's Men's Store
on sale at all fishmongers de venta en todas las pescaderías
it's going cheap for a quick sale se ofrece a bajo precio porque se tiene prisa en venderlo
it found a ready sale se vendió pronto
his vegetables find a ready sale
on a sale or return basis en depósito
2 (event) rebajas (f)
sale starts January 1st the sale closes this Friday we're going to the sales on Friday
there's a sale on at Harrods en Harrods están de rebajas
sale (in shop window) rebajas
clearance sale liquidación (f) (total); he bought a leather jacket in a sale compró una chaqueta de cuero en unas rebajas
we're hoping to buy a new TV in the January sales
the January sales las rebajas de enero; the sales are on hay rebajas
3 (auction) subasta (f)
Impressionist paintings were included in yesterday's sale at Sotheby's.
sale goods (n) artículos (m) rebajados
sale item (n) artículo (m) rebajado
no refunds will be given on sale items
sale price (n) (cost) precio (m) de venta
The estate agent provides potential buyers with information about the property, including its sale price.
(reduced cost) precio (m) rebajado; precio (m) de rebaja
sales agent (n) agente (m) de ventas
sales assistant (n) (Britain) dependienteadependienta (m) (f);a dependienta
sales brochure (n) folleto (m) publicitario
sales budget (n) presupuesto (m) de ventas
sales campaign (n) campaña (f) de promoción y venta
sales check (n) (US) hoja (f) de venta
sales clerk (n) (US) dependienteadependienta (m) (f);a dependienta
sales conference (n) conferencia (f) de ventas
sales department (n) sección (f) de ventas
sales drive (n) promoción (f) de ventas
sales executive (n) ejecutivoaejecutiva (m) (f) de ventas;a ejecutiva
sales figures (n) cifras (f) de ventas
sales force (n) personal (m) de ventas
sales forecast (n) previsión (f) de ventas
sales invoice (n) factura (f) de ventas
sales leaflet (n) folleto (m) publicitario
sales ledger (n) libro (m) de ventas
sales literature (n) folletos (m) de venta
sales manager (n) jefeajefa (m) (f) de ventas;a jefa
sales meeting (n) reunión (f) de ventas
sales office (n) oficina (f) de ventas
sales pitch (n) rollo (m) publicitario (informal)
sales promotion (n) campaña (f) de promoción de ventas
It was considered the most successful sales promotion in North American business history Aided by the intense use of advertising and sales promotion, they can change the forms, prices, presentation, provide gifts or special offers and so on to satisfy the consumer's need for the new
sales rep sales representative (n) representante (m); agente (m) comercial
sales resistance (n) resistencia (f) a comprar
sales slip (n) (US) (receipt) hoja (f) de venta
sales talk (n) jerga (f) de vendedor
sales tax (n) (US) impuesto (m) sobre las ventas
sale value (n) valor (m) comercial; valor (m) en el mercado
transitive verb
1. to salt (para conservar)
2. to add salt to (para cocinar)
3. to spoil, to ruin (echar a perder) (CAm, Carib, Mexican Spanish); to bring bad luck to (causar mala suerte)
(And) (S. Cone) (yacimiento) salt flat; salt pan; (mina) salt mine;
transitive verb
1 (Culin) (para poner salado) to add salt to; put salt in; (para conservar) to salt
2 (Latinoamérica) (arruinar) to ruin; spoil; (gafar) to bring bad luck to; jinx (familiar); (maldecir) to curse; wish bad luck on
3 (And) [+ganado] to feed salt to
4 (Centroamérica) (Caribe) (deshonrar) to dishonour
pronominal verb
salarse (Centroamérica) (México) [+sorpresa, planes] to go wrong; fall through
se le saló la sorpresa se nos salaron los planes
Verb Conjugations for salar
Gerund: salando
Participle: salado
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