1. (remuneration) 
The job has a salary of $60,000 per year.El trabajo tiene un salario de $60,000 por año.
b. el sueldo (M) 
She earns a fair salary, but she spends too much on her car.Su sueldo es bastante bueno, pero gasta demasiado en su carro.
2. (relating to salary) 
a. salarial 
Salary negotiations can be awkward conversations.Las negociaciones salariales pueden ser conversaciones incómodas.
1. (general) 
a. el salario m, sueldo (M) 
salary earnerasalariado(a) m,f
salary gradenivel or grado salarial
salary scaleescala salarial
salary [ˈsælərɪ]
salario (m); sueldo (m)
pay in general
a yearly salary Less experienced employees work for lower salaries. He was paid a top salary.
"salary negotiable" "salario or sueldo a convenir"
salary bracket (n) categoría (f) salarial
Council tax is not charged according to salary bracket but according to the value of your property. He left his job in the hope that he could break into a higher salary bracket elsewhere.
salary earner (n) asalariadoaasalariada (m) (f);a asalariada
Like many salary men, Ishihata says he regularly drank after work, arrived at his home in the suburbs at midnight and then got up at six in the morning to make the long train commute back to work So you take a young salary man who marries an `OL # an office lady # There's not even room in the apartment for the two of them, much less a kid
salary package (n) paquete (m) salarial
Even with this improved salary package, which includes a Ford Escort Mexico club car, he still falls some way short of Old Trafford's big earners
salary range (n) gama (f) de salarios
salary review (n) revisión (f) de sueldos
salary scale (n) escala (f) salarial
salary structure (n) estructuración (f) salarial
the main civil service trades unions agreed a salary structure for the following year
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