Saddle in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. silla (f) (de montar) (on horse); sillín (m) (on bicycle)
  • in the saddle a caballo
  • to be in the saddle (sentido figurado) llevar las riendas (be in charge)
transitive verb
2. ensillar (horse)
  • to saddle somebody with something (familiar sentido figurado) encajar or encasquetar algo a alguien (español de España, español de México)
saddle [ˈsædl]
1 [of bicycle] silla (f); [of horse] silla (f) de montar
Red Rum won with Stack in the saddle ganó Red Rum montado por Stack; to be in the saddle estar en el poder
2 (Cookery)
saddle of lamb cuarto (m) (trasero) de cordero
3 [of hill] collado (m)
transitive verb
1 (also saddle up) [+horse] ensillar
2 (lumber)
to saddle sb with sth cargar a algn con algo; now we're saddled with it ahora tenemos que cargar con ello; to get saddled with sth tener que cargar con algo; to saddle o.s. with sth cargar con algo
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