1. (plundering) 
a. el saqueo (M) 
transitive verb
2. (town) 
a. saquear 
sack [sæk]
1 (bag) (Britain) (for coal, grain) saco (m)
a sack of potatoes un saco de patatas
a sack of grain a sack of coal
to look like a sack of potatoes parecer un saco de patatas
I look like a sack of potatoes in this dress, don't I?
(US) (for shopping) bolsa (f) de papel
a sack of groceries
2 (from job)
to get the sack ser despedido; he got the sack lo despidieron; to give sb the sack despedir or echar a algn
3 especially (US) (bed)
the sack la cama; el sobre (informal); to hit the sack echarse a dormir
they had been in the sack together that afternoon what's he like in the sack?
transitive verb
1 (put into sacks) ensacar; meter en sacos
2 (dismiss) despedir
he was sacked lo despidieron; to be sacked for doing sth ser despedido por hacer algo
A deputy headmistress has been sacked for having an affair with a pupil they were sacked for corruption the Prime Minister sacked 18 government officials for corruption
sack dress (n) vestido (m) tipo saco
sack race (n) carrera (f) de sacos
sack [sæk]
(plundering) saqueo (m)
the sack of Troy
transitive verb
(lay waste) saquear
Bristol was a major port for importing sherry sack.
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