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This word may also begin with a lowercase letter in the sense shown in 1).
proper noun
1. (religious) 
a. el sabbat (M) (in Judaism) 
Aaron gathers with friends and family on the Sabbath to have dinner and discuss the Torah.Aarón se reúne con amigos y familiares en el sabbat para cenar y hablar de la Torá.
b. el sábado (M) (in Judaism and some types of Christianity) 
Edith goes to church on the Sabbath and then sings hymns with the family for a couple of hours at home.Edith va a la iglesia los sábados y luego canta himnos con la familia por un par de horas en la casa.
c. el domingo (M) (in some types of Christianity) 
Michelle goes to mass on Sabbath.Michelle va a misa los domingos.
2. (annual meeting of witches with the Devil) 
Goya painted a Witches' Sabbath with a large goat leading the ceremony.Goya pintó un aquelarre con una gran cabra dirigiendo la ceremonia.
1. Sabbat (m) sábado (m) judío (Jewish); domingo (m) (Christian)
  • (witches') Sabbath aquelarre (m)
  • Sabbath day observance cumplimiento (m) del descanso sabático/dominical
Sabbath [ˈsæbəθ]
(Jewish) sábado (m); (Christian) domingo (m)
to keep observe/break the Sabbath
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