1. (relating to the countryside) 
a. rústico 
The cottage had rustic charm without being uncomfortable.La casita tenía un encanto rústico sin ser incómoda.
b. del campo 
Since we live in the city, we always relish the rustic activities available during the summer.Como vivimos en la ciudad, siempre aprovechamos las actividades del campo durante el verano.
2. (pejorative) (unrefined) 
a. rústico 
The people may seem a bit rustic here, but once you get to know them, they're good people.La gente aquí puede parecer algo rústica, pero una vez los conoces, son buenas personas.
b. tosco 
You might think that they're rustic, and they might see you as a superficial city slicker.Tú podrías verlos como toscos, y ellos te podrían ver a ti como un capitalino superficial.
1. (general) 
a. rústico(a) 
rustic [ˈrʌstɪk]
[+pursuits] rústico; del campo
Back home from the war, he turned to rustic pursuits, experimented with seeds, and begged European acquaintances to send over a pair of jackasses to introduce the breed to Virginia
[+restaurant, cottage] rústico; de campo; [+style] rústico; [+setting, atmosphere] rústico; campestre
the restaurant serves traditional Burgundian foods in a friendly, rustic atmosphere a farmhouse retreat in a rustic setting in the South of France
aldeanoaaldeana (m) (f);a aldeana
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