Running in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. (competition, race)
  • to be out of/in the running no tener/tener posibilidades de ganar
  • to make all the running ocupar el primer puesto desde el principio (in contest)
  • running mate (política) candidato(a) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) a la vicepresidencia (Estados Unidos)
  • running shoe zapatilla (f) deportiva
  • running track pista (f) (de atletismo)
2. (operation) (of machine, car)
    funcionamiento (m)
  • running costs costos mpl or costes mpl de mantenimiento (español de España)
3. dirección (f) gestión (f) (management) (of hotel, restaurant)
4. continuo(a), constante (battle, feud)
  • he told them to take a running jump (familiar) los mandó a freír espárragos
  • running board (automóbiles) estribo (m)
  • running commentary comentario (m) en directo
  • running repairs arreglos mpl (momentáneos)
  • running sore llaga (f) supurante
  • running total total (m) actualizado
  • running water agua (f) corriente
running [ˈrʌnɪŋ]
1 (flowing) [+water] corriente; [+tap] abierto; [+stream] de agua corriente
hot and cold running water agua corriente caliente y fría
2 (continuous) continuo
a running battle continuos enfrentamientos (m); una lucha continua; a running commentary (on sth) (TV) (Rad) un comentario en directo (sobre algo); we can do without a running commentary on the plot, thank you! ¡podemos pasar perfectamente sin que nos cuentes el argumento de la película a cada paso!
she gave us a running commentary on what was happening
a running joke una broma continua
The army moved in to stop running battles in Glina ...a running battle between architects and planners She carried on a series of running battles with the press The song turned into a running joke between him and the press
3 (Med) [+nose] que moquea; [+sore] que supura
for five days running durante cinco días seguidos or consecutivos
for the sixth time running
for the third year running, the weather was awful por tercer año consecutivo el tiempo era horroroso
1 (management) [of business, organization, school] gestión (f); dirección (f); [of country] gestión (f)
2 (operation) [of machine, car] funcionamiento (m); marcha (f)
to be in running order [+vehicle] estar en buen estado
3 (activity, sport)
running is not allowed in the school corridors no está permitido correr por los pasillos del colegio; his hobby is running le gusta correr
to go running
running gear ropa (f) de correr
he started professional running eight years ago empezó a correr profesionalmente hace ocho años
to be in the running for sth
she's in the running for promotion tiene posibilidades de que la asciendan
to make the running especially (Britain) (Dep) ir a la cabeza; tomar la iniciativa
to be out of the running estar fuera de combate
his illness put him out of the running for the presidency su enfermedad lo ha dejado fuera de combate en lo que respecta a la presidencia; su enfermedad ha acabado con sus posibilidades de conseguir la presidencia; he's out of the running for the job now ahora no tiene posibilidades de conseguir el trabajo
he's still in the running for the leadership of the Labour Party The early leaders dropped back and allow others to make the running Women made all the running in demands for change If you're over the age of 45, you're out of the running
running board (n) (Aut) estribo (m)
running costs running expenses (n) especially (Britain) [of business] gastos (m) corrientes; [of car] gastos (m) de mantenimiento
running head (n) (Tip) (Comput) título (m) de página
running in (n) (Aut) rodaje (m)
running jump (n) (Dep) salto (m) con carrerilla
to take a running jump saltar tomando carrerilla
he can (go) take a running jump! ¡puede irse a la porra! (informal)
running mate (n) (US) (Pol) [of presidential candidate] candidatoacandidata (m) (f) a la vicepresidencia;a candidata
running repairs (n) reparaciones (f) provisionales
running shoe (n) zapatilla (f) de correr or de deporte
running stitch (n) (countable) puntada (f) de bastilla
We ran small running stitches around the outside edge
(uncountable) bastilla (f)
Sew a line of running stitch down from the fold to form the waistband
running total (n) suma (f) parcial
to keep a running total (of sth) llevar la cuenta del total (de algo)
running track (n) pista (f) (de atletismo)
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