run up against

run up against
transitive verb phrase
1. (to encounter) 
The proposal ran up against fierce opposition from the public.La propuesta se encontró con la oposición vehemente del público.
The plan has run up against some logistical problems.El plan se ha topado con algunas problemas logísticas.
We need to know how to adapt when we run up against new obstacles.Tenemos que saber adaptarnos cuando tropezamos con nuevos obstáculos.
2. (to face) 
The gladiator was running up an opponent nearly twice his size.El gladiador se enfrentaba un oponente casi dos veces su tamaño.
run up against
intransitive verb
[+problem etc] tropezar con
to run up against sb tener que habérselas con algn
Occasionally you're going to run up against someone who doesn't really want to sell We are making some progress but it is very discouraging to run up against a lot of rotten district attorneys who will not give search warrants or act promptly
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