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1. (hair color)
a. blond (masculine)
Todos los hombres en mi familia son rubios.All of the men in my family are blond.
b. blonde (feminine)
Yo era rubia de niña.I was blonde as a child.
masculine noun
2. (tobacco)
a. blond tobacco
Blond tobacco is much more harmful than dark tobacco.El rubio es mucho más dañino que el negro.
rubio, -a
1. blond(e), fair (pelo, persona)
  • rubio, -a platino platinum blonde
2. (tabaco)
  • tabaco rubio, -a Virginia tobacco (as opposed to black tobacco)
3. (cerveza)
  • cerveza rubia lager
masculine or feminine noun
4. blond(e), fair-haired person (persona)
  • rubia de bote peroxide blonde
  • rubia
  • platino o
  • platinada platinum blonde (peninsular SpanishAm)
masculine noun
5. Virginia tobacco (tabaco) (as opposed to black tobacco)
rubioa rubia
1 [+persona] fair-haired; blond/blonde; [+animal] light-coloured; light-colored; (EEUU) golden
rubio ceniza ash-blond; rubio platino platinum-blonde
tabaco rubio Virginia tobacco
Virginia tobacco
blond/blonde; fair-haired person
rubia ceniza ash blonde
rubia de bote peroxide blonde
rubia miel honey blonde
rubia oxigenada peroxide blonde
rubia platino platinum blonde
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