"rose" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

1. rosa (f) (flower); alcachofa (f) (on watering can, shower)
  • rose (bush) -> rosal (m)
  • rose bed -> macizo (m) de rosas
  • rose garden -> rosaleda (f) , jardín (m) de rosas, rosedal (m) (español de México, CSur)
  • rose grower -> cultivador(ora) (sustantivo masculino o femenino) de rosas
  • rose window (arquitectura) -> rosetón (m)
2. (idioms)
  • life is not a bed of roses -> la vida no es un lecho or camino de rosas
  • to come up roses -> salir a pedir de boca
3. rosa (color)
psicología of rise

rose [rous]
pret. de TO RISE.
1. Rosal, planta que produce las rosas; género, tipo de las rosácea
2. Rosa, flor del rosal.
3. Color de rosa.
4. rosetón; el remate circular y lleno de orificios del caño de una regadera. (Arqueología)
  • Honey of roses -> miel rosada
  • Rose-bush -> (Bot.) rosal
  • Every rose has its thorn -> (Prov.) a cada gusto su susto; o no hay rosa sin espinas
  • Dog- agavanzo -> escaramujo, rosal silvestre
  • Tea-rose -> tea-scented cualquiera de las numerosas variedades de rosas con fragancia semejante a la de la rosa de té
  • Wild rosal silvestre -> Under the bajo cuerda, secretamente
  • Rose-beetle, rose-bug, rose-chafer -> varios escarabajos o insectos coleópteros dañinos a los rosales
  • Rose-window -> ventana con florón o rosetón
Se llama también wild brier. Bengal o monthly rosa de China; rosa de todo el año.

rose [rəʊz]
1 (Bot) (flower) rosa (f)
she bent to pick a red rose a bunch of yellow roses
(bush, tree) rosal (m)
the Wars of the Roses (Britain) (Hist) la Guerra de las Dos Rosas; wild rose rosal silvestre
hills ablaze with wild roses
all roses
it's all roses among them by the end of the film al final de la película todo es maravilloso entre ellos; life isn't all roses la vida no es un lecho de rosas
to come up roses salir a pedir de boca
earlier this year, everything was coming up roses for them - their album was selling well, and their British tour was a virtual sell-out just like the borders of his garden, life is coming up roses Henry Sweetbaum reckons everything's coming up roses for Wickes in 1992, even if the market as a whole remains in the doldrums
the fresh air will soon put the roses back in your cheeks el aire fresco te devolverá rápidamente el color a las mejillas
an English rose una belleza típicamente inglesa
an English rose complexion un cutis de porcelana
Princess Diana may be /the perfect English rose/, but what about the more prickly Margaret Thatcher this is to imply that a woman has to be a blonde English rose to be beautiful under the rose strictly under the rose, of course, since according to her contract, it was not allowed what I've been doing since will have to stay under the rose, I'm afraid
there's no rose without a thorn no hay rosa sin espina
2 (colour) rosa (m)
the light had faded from rose to dusky red available in rose, lemon or jade a warm caftan of a shade between rose and apricot
3 (on shower) alcachofa (f); (on watering can) alcachofa (f); roseta (f)
4 (Archit) (also ceiling rose) roseta (f); rosetón (m)
the high ceiling with its ornate frieze and plaster ceiling rose above the crystal chandelier among the many features of the house are a colonnaded porch, marble fireplaces, /ceiling roses and/ cornices
(rose-coloured) (de color de) rosa; rosado
the rose and violet hues of a twilight sky the house was built of pale rose brick
rose pink rosado; rosa
a new rose pink dress
rose red rojo de rosa
an old-fashioned garden full of rose-red peonies golden light tinged with rose red
rose bush (n) rosal (m)
Petie came out and wrenched a branch off a rose bush
rose garden (n) rosaleda (f)
as well as acres of lawns, the house has a separate orchard, rose garden and vegetable garden
rose grower (n) cultivadoracultivadora (m) (f) de rosas;a cultivadora
each year, after trials, Britain's professional rose growers also choose their own rose of the year
rose petal (n) pétalo (m) de rosa
bowls of dried rose petals the faithful strewed rose petals in his path
rose quartz (n) cuarzo (m) rosa
carvings of soapstone, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, turquoise, and agate a large marble (or sphere) in rose quartz varies from £4.50 to £11
rose tree (n) rosal (m)
nearby was a potted rose tree that scented the air there were rose trees standing at the corners of every flower bed
rose window (n) (Archit) rosetón (m)
they stood in the cathedral gazing heavenward at the great rose window the fire that destroyed a rose window in York Minster the cluster of rose windows is an unusual feature in what is otherwise a typical Umbrian facade
rose [rəʊz]

Verb Conjugations for "rose" (go to la rosa)


I rose I rosed I will rose
you rose you rosed you will rose
he/she roses he/she rosed he/she will rose
we rose we rosed we will rose
you rose you rosed you will rose
they rose they rosed they will rose
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