masculine noun
1. rosary (religion)
  • rezar el rosario -> to say one's rosary
2. string (serie)
  • un rosario de desgracias -> a string of disasters
3. (informal)
  • acabar como el rosario de la aurora -> to finish up badly

rosario [ro-sah’-re-o]
1. Rosary, a string of beads for praying. (m)
2. The collection of avemarías and padrenuestros said at once, and counted by the beads of a rosary. (m)
3. An assemblage of people who sing the prayers of the rosary in procession. (m)
4. Chain-pump. (m)
5. Backbone. (Colloquial) (m)
6. Feminine proper name. (m)

1 (Religión) rosary; (sarta) rosary beads
; (p)
rezar el rosario to say the rosary
[acabar] como el rosario de la aurora o del alba to end up in confusion; end with everybody falling out
2 (serie) string; series
un rosario de maldiciones a string of curses
3 (Agr) chain of buckets of a waterwheel; (of a waterwheel)
4 (Anatomía) backbone
5 (Archit) beading

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