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1. pink (color)
  • verlo todo de color (de) rosa (figurative) -> to see everything through rose-tinted spectacles
2. (del corazón)
  • la prensa rosa -> gossip magazines
  • una novela rosa -> a romance, a romantic novel
masculine noun
3. pink (color)
feminine noun
4. rose (flor)
  • estar (fresco) como una rosa -> to be as fresh as a daisy
  • rosa de los vientos -> compass rose

rosa [ro’-sah]
1. Rose. (Botany) (f)
2. Red spot in any part of the body. (f)
3. Rose diamond. (f)
4. Bunch of ribbons or like things in the form of a rose: rosette. (f)
5. Rosy or florid aspect; rosecolor. (f)
6. Flower of saffron; artificial rose. (f)
  • Rosas -> flowers, delights, pleasures; amenity
  • Agua de rosas -> rose water
  • Palo de rosa -> rosewood
  • Estar como una rosa -> to be fresh and clean
  • Color de rosa -> pink
1. Red, rosy.
2. ROJO.

1 (Botánica) rose
palo rosa rosewood
como una rosa
estar como una rosa to feel as fresh as a daisy; un cutis como una rosa a skin as soft as silk; estar como las propias rosas to feel entirely at ease; florecer como rosa en mayo to bloom; flourish
[no] hay rosa sin espinas there's no rose without a thorn
rosa almizcleña musk rose
rosa laurel rosebay; oleander
de color rosa color de rosa rosy; pink
vestidos color de rosa pink dresses; verlo todo del color de rosa to see everything through rose-tinted spectacles o rose-colored glasses; (EEUU)
3 (en la piel) birthmark; red birthmark
4 (Archit) rose window
rosa de los vientos rosa náutica compass; compass card; compass rose
revista rosa magazine of sentimental stories; Zona Rosa (México) (barrio) elegant (tourist) quarter of Mexico City

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