feminine noun
1. clothes
  • ligero de ropa -> scantily clad
  • nadar y guardar la ropa (figurative) -> to cover one's back
  • ropa de abrigo -> warm clothes
  • ropa blanca -> linen
  • ropa de cama -> bed linen
  • ropa deportiva -> sportswear
  • ropa de diseño -> designer clothes
  • ropa hecha -> ready-to-wear clothes
  • ropa para el hogar -> linen and curtains
  • ropa interior -> underwear
  • ropa interior femenina -> lingerie
  • ropa de invierno -> winter clothing
  • ropa de sport -> casual clothes
  • ropa sucia -> laundry, washing (para lavar)
  • ropa de trabajo -> working clothes
  • ropa usada -> second-hand o old clothes

ropa [ro’-pah]
1. Cloth; all kinds of silk, woollen, or linen, used for domestic purposes. (f)
2. Wearing apparel, clothes. (f)
3. Robe, gown (vestiduras). (f)
  • Ropa blanca -> linen
  • Poca ropa -> ill-clothed: poor
4. Dress of particular authority for the bar, senate, etc. 5. (f)
  • Ropa usada or ropa vieja -> cast-off wearing apparel
  • A quemaropa -> (1) point blank
Anything put between or under others for a seat. (2) Off one’s guard.

; (p)
¡quítate esa ropa tan sucia! take those dirty clothes off!; siempre lleva ropa pasada de moda he always wears old-fashioned clothes; voy a cambiarme de ropa I'm going to change (my clothes); tender la ropa to hang out the washing
guardar la ropa to speak cautiously
hay ropa tendida walls have ears
nadar y guardar la ropa to cover one's back
no tocar la ropa a algn not to touch a hair of sb's head; keep one's hands off sb
la ropa sucia se lava en casa don't wash your dirty linen in public
ropa blanca (ropa interior) underwear; (ropa de cama, manteles) linen; (para la lavadora) whites
; (p)
ropa de cama bed linen
ropa de color coloureds
; (p)
; (p) (EEUU)
ropa de deporte sportswear
ropa de mesa table linen
ropa de trabajo work clothes
; (p)
ropa hecha ready-made clothes
; (p)
off-the-peg clothes
; (p)
ropa interior underwear
ropa íntima (Latinoamérica) underwear
ropa para lavar ropa sucia dirty washing; dirty clothes
; (p)
ropa usada secondhand clothes
; (p)
ropa vieja especialmente (México) (Culin) meat stew

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