feminine noun
1. (garments) 
a. clothes 
Necesito comprar ropa nueva para el viaje.I need to buy new clothes for our trip.
b. clothing 
Él sólo compra ropa de moda.He only buys clothing that is in style.
1. (general) 
a. clothes 
ligero de ropascantily clad
2. (fig) 
nadar y guardar la ropato cover one's back
ropa de abrigowarm clothes
ropa blancalinen
ropa de camabed linen
ropa deportivasportswear
ropa de diseñodesigner clothes
ropa hechaready-to-wear clothes
ropa para el hogarlinen and curtains
ropa interiorunderwear
ropa interior femeninalingerie
ropa de inviernowinter clothing
ropa de sportcasual clothes
ropa sucialaundry, washing
ropa de trabajoworking clothes
ropa usadasecond-hand o old clothes
clothes plural; (p)
¡quítate esa ropa tan sucia! take those dirty clothes off!; siempre lleva ropa pasada de moda he always wears old-fashioned clothes; voy a cambiarme de ropa I'm going to change (my clothes); tender la ropa to hang out the washing
guardar la ropa to speak cautiously
hay ropa tendida walls have ears
nadar y guardar la ropa to cover one's back
no tocar la ropa a algn not to touch a hair of sb's head; keep one's hands off sb
la ropa sucia se lava en casa don't wash your dirty linen in public
ropa blanca (ropa interior) underwear; (ropa de cama, manteles) linen; (para la lavadora) whites plural; (p)
ropa de cama bed linen
ropa de color coloureds plural; (p) coloreds plural; (p) (EEUU)
ropa de deporte sportswear
ropa de mesa table linen
ropa de trabajo work clothes plural; (p)
ropa hecha ready-made clothes plural; (p) off-the-peg clothes plural; (p)
ropa interior underwear
ropa íntima (Latinoamérica) underwear
ropa para lavar ropa sucia dirty washing; dirty clothes plural; (p) laundry
ropa usada secondhand clothes plural; (p)
ropa vieja especialmente (México) (Culin) meat stew
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