1. (hills, fields) 
a. ondulado(a) 
2. (sea, waves) 
a. ondulante 
3. (thunder) 
a. retumbante 
rolling milllaminadora f
rolling pinrodillo (de cocina)
4. (railroad) 
rolling stockmaterial móvil or rodante
rolling [ˈrəʊlɪŋ]
[+waves] fuerte; [+sea] agitado; [+ship] que se balancea
Holding the camera still on a rolling yacht was nearly impossible
[+countryside, hills] ondulado
bring the water to a rolling boil esperar a que el agua alcance su verdadero punto de ebullición; to walk with a rolling gait andar bamboleándose; a rolling programme of privatization un programa de privatización escalonado
The ASI advocates massive cuts in public spending and taxation, as well as a rolling programme of privatization and de-regulation The dramatic refurbishment of this station was part of a 10-year rolling programme, initiated in 1980, to smarten up the London Underground
he's a rolling stone es muy inquieto; es culo de mal asiento (informal)
a rolling stone gathers no moss piedra movediza nunca moho la cobija
he was rolling drunk estaba tan borracho que se caía; estaba borracho como una cuba (informal)
to be rolling drunk: ...her brother-in-law came in rolling drunk and then proceeded to pass out under the table
(Náut) balanceo (m)
rolling mill (n) taller (m) de laminación
rolling pin (n) rodillo (m) (de cocina); uslero (m); (And)
rolling stock (n) material (m) rodante or móvil
The Winans family were builders of locomotives and rolling stock
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