Roller in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. rodillo (m) (for paint, garden, in machine); rulo (m) (for hair)tubo (m) (español de Chile)rulero (m) (RP)rollo (m) (español de Venezuela)
  • roller blades patines mpl en línea
  • roller coaster montaña (f) rusa
  • roller skates patines mpl (de ruedas)
roller [ˈrəʊləʳ]
1 (Agr) (Téc) rodillo (m); (road-roller) apisonadora (f); (caster) ruedecilla (f); (for hair) rulo (m);
2 (wave) ola (f) grande
roller bandage (n) venda (f) enrollada
roller blind (n) (Britain) persiana (f) enrollable
roller coaster (n) montaña (f) rusa
roller skate (n) patín (m) (de ruedas)
roller towel (n) toalla (f) de rodillo or sin fin
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