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1. rollo (m) (of paper, film); michelín (m) (of fat, flesh) (español de España)llanta (f) (español de México)rollo (m) (RP); fajo (m) (of banknotes)
2. panecillo (m) (bread)bolillo (m) (español de México)
  • ham/cheese roll (of banknotes) bocadillo (m) or (español de España) sándwich (m) de jamón/queso (Am)
3. redoble (m) (noise) (of drum); retumbo (m) (of thunder)
4. balanceo (m) (movement) (of ship)
  • to be on a roll (familiar) llevar una buena racha
5. lista (f) (list)
  • to take a roll call pasar lista
  • roll of honor (militar) lista de los caídos en la guerra
transitive verb
6. hacer rodar (ball)
  • to roll something along the ground hacer rodar algo por el suelo
  • to roll one's eyes poner los ojos en blanco
  • to roll one's r's marcar las erres al hablar
  • the animal rolled itself into a ball el animal se hizo una bola or se enroscó
7. apisonar (road, lawn); laminar (metal)
8. liar (cigarette); enrollar (paper, carpet)
intransitive verb
9. rodar (ball); balancearse (ship); rodar (cine camera)
  • heads will roll (sentido figurado) van a rodar cabezas
  • to be rolling in money, to be rolling in it (familiar) nadar en la abundancia, estar montado(a) en el dólar (español de España)
  • to start the ball rolling (sentido figurado) poner las cosas en marcha
10. retumbar (thunder)
roll [rəʊl]
1 [of paper, cloth, wire, tobacco] rollo (m); [of banknotes] fajo (m)
of fat, flesh
a roll of film un carrete or un rollo de fotos; a roll of wallpaper un rollo de papel pintado; rolls of fat (gen) rollos (m) or pliegues (m) de grasa; (on stomach) michelines (m) (humorous)
the photographers had already shot a dozen rolls of film a roll of blue insulated wire a roll of adhesive plaster he produced several rolls of hessian sacking I was employed to take the rolls of cloth off the looms there was a roll of flesh above his collar a bald fat guy, whose /abundant rolls of flesh/ made him look as if he were wearing an assortment of inner tubes beneath his shirt he took a roll of 100 dollar bills our of his pocket
2 [of bread] panecillo (m); bolillo (m); (Méx)
a roll and butter un panecillo or bolillo con mantequilla; (Méx)
he sipped at his coffee and spread butter and marmalade on a roll a dozen rolls
3 (list) lista (f)
to have 500 pupils on the roll tener inscritos a 500 alumnos
he attends church and is on the parish roll they must have taken the names from the class roll
membership roll roll of members lista (f) de miembros
very few memberhsip rolls of the Ku Klux Klan are in the public domain a book kept for the roll of members
to call the roll pasar lista
I see a number of members are missing - why don't we call that roll again? the sergeant was getting the men together to call the roll
falling rolls disminución en el número de alumnos inscritos
falling rolls and soaring costs are contributing to a record number of school closures.
roll of honour honor roll (US) lista de honor
two new names climbed to the top of flat racing's roll of honour in 1992 in any roll of honor for dumb managerial choices, the Western Union settlement usually ranks at the very top although I usually make the honor roll, my grades are seldom high enough to satisfy my parents to [strike] sb off the roll/to be [struck] off the roll
4 (sound) [of thunder, cannon] retumbo (m); [of drum] redoble (m)
there was a roll of drums se oyó un redoble de tambores
a distant flash of lightning followed by a roll of thunder the distant rolls of thunder would soon fade away no fanfares - there is only the subdued roll of drums we could hear the volley and the roll of drums from the house we were living in
5 [of gait] contoneo (m); bamboleo (m); [of ship, plane] balanceo (m)
the seductive roll of her hips as she walked the ship gave a sudden roll the boat settled into a slow roll she was now hull-down except /on the top of the roll/, tearing along under an extraordinary press of sail the tug gave a sharper roll and we reached quickly for sliding dishes
6 (act of rolling) revolcón (m)
the horse was having a roll on the grass el caballo se estaba revolcando en la hierba
a roll in the hay un revolcón (informal)
to have a roll in the hay (with sb) darse un revolcón or revolcarse (con algn) (informal)
don't you just hanker for a brisk, unannounced, riproaring roll in the hay?
7 [of dice] tirada (f)
his fate depended on a roll of the dice
to be on a roll estar en racha; tener una buena racha
the company was on a roll I made a name for myself and /I was on a roll - I couldn't see anything going wrong/ everyone seemed to agree with us, so we were on a roll, as gamblers say in 1986 Goodyear was on a roll - it had begun to diversify out of the tyre business he was always on a roll - when people start winning it's hard to get them out of the habit
transitive verb
1 (send rolling) [+ball] hacer rodar
to roll a ball along the pavement to roll a stone downhill they were rolling barrels down the street to the pub I rolled a ball across the carpet
to roll the dice tirar los dados
2 (turn over)
roll the meat in the breadcrumbs rebozar la carne con el pan rallado; I rolled her onto her back la puse boca arriba
3 (move)
I rolled the trolley out of the way empujé el carro para quitarlo del medio; to roll sth between one's fingers hacer rodar algo entre los dedos
to roll a car to the side of the road
to roll one's eyes poner los ojos en blanco
Bill rolled his eyes heavenward and groaned audibly he would roll his eyes heavenward if her name was mentioned people may roll their eyes and talk about overprotective, interfering grandmothers.. she rolled her eyes in exasperation Lynn glanced at Marsha, who rolled her eyes hopelessly...
4 (make into roll) [+cigarette] liar
he rolled himself in a blanket se enrolló en una manta; she rolled her sweater into a pillow hizo una bola con el jersey para usarlo como almohada
she rolled the bedsheet and the blanket in a bundle I rolled the paper into a tube I prefer to roll my own he rolled and lit another cigarette
she is trainer and manager rolled into one es entrenadora y representante a la vez; it's a kitchen and dining room rolled into one es una cocina comedor
experts claimed that teachers had to be Einstein, Marie Curie and Linford Christie rolled into one to help children grasp the new national curriculum a good musical is a new play, a new opera and a new ballet all rolled into one
to roll one's r's pronunciar fuertemente las erres
you'll have to learn to roll your r's if you're going to study Spanish
to roll one's tongue enrollar la lengua
she grimaced and rolled her tongue around her mouth and lips do you know how to roll your tongue?
5 (flatten) [+road] apisonar; [+lawn, pitch] pasar el rodillo por; apisonar; [+pastry, dough] estirar; [+metal] laminar
they had special machines for rolling the newly laid tarmac the gardener was busy rolling the lawns the pitch will need rolling before it's played on again roll the pastry into a 9 inch circle the steel is then rolled into wafer thin sheets
6 (US) (rob) atracar
intransitive verb
1 (go rolling) ir rodando; (on ground, in pain) revolcarse
the ball rolled into the net el balón entró rodando en la red; the children were rolling down the slope los niños iban rodando cuesta abajo; it rolled under the chair desapareció or rodó debajo de la silla; it went rolling downhill fue rodando cuesta abajo; the horse rolled in the mud el caballo se revolcó en el barro
a boulder had hit him as it rolled down the mountain the bucket rolled and clattered down the path when I was a little kid I rolled down a hill and broke my leg.. the children were rolling on the floor from the smell of him, the little dog had clearly been rolling in manure
to be rolling in the aisles estar muerto de risa
helpless audiences rolling in the aisles
they're rolling in money
they're rolling in it
están forrados (informal)
just give me five years and we'll be rolling in it
2 (move)
the bus rolled to a stop el autobús se paró; the tanks rolled into the city los tanques entraron en la ciudad; the convoy rolled slowly along the road el convoy avanzaba lentamente por la carretera; newspapers were rolling off the presses los periódicos estaban saliendo de las prensas; tears rolled down her cheeks las lágrimas le corrían or caían por la cara; the waves were rolling onto the beach las olas batían contra la playa; his eyes rolled wildly los ojos se le ponían en blanco y parpadeaba descontroladamente
trucks with loudspeakers rolled through the streets there were 100,000 Sri Lankans in Kuwait when the Iraqi tanks rolled across the border tanks and military vehicles rolled menacingly past the parliament building the lorry quietly rolled forward and demolished all the old wooden fencing the sweat rolled down my neck the houses overlook the Atlantic Ocean, with its great waves rolling onto miles of white sand beach his eyes rolled in great alarm the dogs, eyes rolling and jaws slavering, continued to paw and claw
3 (turn over) [+person, animal]
he rolled off the sofa se dio la vuelta y se cayó del sofá; she rolled onto her back se puso boca arriba
he was crushed when the horse rolled on top of him
4 [+land] ondular
vast plains rolled into the distance las vastas llanuras se perdían en la distancia
the mountains roll down to the sea she remembered the hotel garden, with its velvet lawn rolling down to the Connecticut River
5 (operate) [+camera] rodar; [+machine] funcionar; estar en marcha
the presses are rolling again las prensas están funcionando or en marcha otra vez
he slipped and fell on an airplane gangway as the cameras rolled our three printing machines were rolling twenty-four hours a day the cameras continued to roll as she pulled up to the nightclub with the hidden cameras rolling, Williams boasted of his influence. to [get] sth rolling
I couldn't think of anything to say to get the conversation rolling no se me ocurría nada para empezar la conversación; his first priority is to get the economy rolling again su mayor prioridad es volver a sacar la economía a flote
it just means that it's going to take that much longer to get things rolling again we must get talks rolling they polled significantly in a number of wards, but not nearly well enough to gain seats or to set an electoral bandwagon rolling the developer usually gets the project rolling by finding tenants
6 (sound) [+thunder] retumbar; [+drum] redoblar
the thunder rolled in the distance the drums are faintly rolling
7 (sway) (in walking) contonearse; bambolearse; (Náut) balancearse
he rolled from side to side as he walked the boat was still rolling and pitching
roll bar (n) (Aut) barra (f) antivuelco
it has alloy wheels and anti-roll bars front and rear to reduce body lean when cornering he was saved by the Porsche's roll bar
roll call (n) lista (f)
the boys fall into line to answer roll call we were compelled to stand in the snow every morning for roll call he read out a roll call of new arrivals the list of signatories to the June manifesto reads like a roll call of the papal household
to take (a) roll call pasar lista
we were waiting for the roll call to be taken they stood in line while the sergeant took roll call
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