feminine noun
1. (anatomy) 
a. knee 
Se puso de rodillas para pedir perdón. He got down on his knees to ask for forgiveness.
El jugador de baloncesto se lesionó la rodilla.The basketball player injured his knee.
1. (general) 
a. knee 
estaba de rodillashe was on his knees
2. (fig) 
te lo pido de rodillasI'm begging you
doblar o hincar la rodillato go down on one knee
ponerse de rodillasto kneel (down)
1 (Anatomía) knee
de rodillas kneeling; doblar o hincar la rodilla (arrodillarse) to kneel down; (ser servil) to bow; humble o.s.;ante to; estar de rodillas to be kneeling; be kneeling down; hincarse de o ponerse de rodillas to kneel; kneel down; get down on one's knees
[poner] de rodillas a algn
pusieron al país de rodillas they brought the country to its knees
2 (para llevar carga) pad
3 (paño) floor cloth; mop
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parte de la pierna entre la rodilla y el pie
a part of the leg that is between the knee and the foot
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