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feminine noun
1. knee
  • estaba de rodillas -> he was on his knees
  • te lo pido de rodillas (figurative) -> I'm begging you
  • doblar o hincar la rodilla -> to go down on one knee; (arrodillarse) to bow (down), to humble oneself (figurative)
  • ponerse de rodillas -> to kneel (down)

rodilla [ro-deel'-lyah]
1. The knee. (f)
2. Shoulder in a lock to fit the lizard of a key. (f)
3. RODETE, 3d def.
4. Dusting cloth, cloth for cleaning (paño).
  • De rodillas -> on one’s knees
  • Doblar las rodillas -> to bend the knees; to kneel down
  • Pedir algo de rodillas -> to ask for something on bended knees

1 (Anatomía) knee
de rodillas kneeling; doblar o hincar la rodilla (arrodillarse) to kneel down; (ser servil) to bow; humble o.s.;ante to; estar de rodillas to be kneeling; be kneeling down; hincarse de o ponerse de rodillas to kneel; kneel down; get down on one's knees
[poner] de rodillas a algn
pusieron al país de rodillas they brought the country to its knees
2 (para llevar carga) pad
3 (paño) floor cloth; mop

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