masculine noun
1. round pad

rodete [ro-day’-tay]
1. A small wooden wheel for moving a millwheel. (m)
2. Bolster, a horizontal circle at the fore axle-tree of a carriage for turning it. (m)
3. A kind of ward in a lock. (m)
4. A rower of platted hair which women tie on the top of their beads for ornament. (m)
5. A kind of pad or bolster put on the head of women (de pelo), to carry vessels with greater ease, or for ornament. (m)
6. Border round the sleeves of gowns. (m)
7. Roll (de grasa). (m)
8. Pad (para llevar carga). (m)
9. Ward (de cerradura). (m)

1 [de pelo] coil; bun; [de grasa] roll; (para llevar carga) pad;
2 [de cerradura] ward

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