rodean is the present form of rodear in the third person plural - View Conjugation
transitive verb
1. (to put around) 
a. to surround 
Estaban rodeados por el enemigo y tuvieron que rendirse.They were surrounded by the enemy and had to surrender.
b. to encircle 
Rodea el número correcto con lápiz o esfero.Encircle the correct number with a pencil or pen.
2. (to go around) (Latin America) 
a. to round up 
El perro rodeó el ganado en el corral.The dog rounded up the cattle in the pen.
reflexive verb
3. (to be accompanied) 
a. to surround oneself 
Se rodeó de su familia antes de fallecer.He surrounded himself with his family before passing away.
transitive verb
1. (poner o ponerse alrededor) 
a. to surround 
le rodeó el cuello con los brazosshe put her arms around his neck
¡ríndete, estás rodeado!surrender, we have you o you're surrounded!
vive rodeado de libroshe's always surrounded by books
2. (estar alrededor de) 
a. to surround 
el misterio que rodea la investigaciónthe mystery surrounding the investigation
todos los que la rodean hablan muy bien de ellaeveryone around her speaks very highly of her
3. (dar la vuelta a) 
a. to go around 
4. (eludir) 
a. to skirt around 
pronominal verb
5. (general) 
rodear deto surround oneself with
transitive verb
1 (poner alrededor de) to encircle; enclose
rodearon el terreno con alambre de púas they surrounded the field with barbed wire; they put a barbed wire fence around the field; le rodeó el cuello con los brazos she threw her arms round his neck
2 (ponerse alrededor de) to surround
los soldados rodearon el edificio the soldiers surrounded the building
3 (Latinoamérica) [+ganado] to round up
pronominal verb
1 (volverse) to turn round
rodearse de to surround o.s. with; se rodeó de gente importante she surrounded herself with important people
Verb Conjugations for rodear
Gerund: rodeando
Participle: rodeado
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