"rodean" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to surround (poner o ponerse alrededor)
  • le rodeó el cuello con los brazos -> she put her arms around his neck
  • ¡ríndete, estás rodeado! -> surrender, we have you o you're surrounded!
  • vive rodeado de libros -> he's always surrounded by books
2. to surround (estar alrededor de)
  • el misterio que rodea la investigación -> the mystery surrounding the investigation
  • todos los que la rodean hablan muy bien de ella -> everyone around her speaks very highly of her
3. to go around (dar la vuelta a)
4. to skirt around (eludir)
pronomial verb
  • rodear de -> to surround oneself with

rodear [ro-day-ar’]
verb neuter
1. To go round a place or object; to encompass. (n)
2. To go a round-about way, to come about. (n)
3. To make use of circumlocutions; to use circuitous language or indirect expressions. (n)
verb transitive
4. To wrap up, to put one thing around another; to circle, to compass, to girdle.
5. To whirl about.
6. To dispose, to arrange.
  • Los soldados rodearon el edificio -> the soldiers surrounded the building
verb reflexive
7. Rodearse de, to surround oneself with.
8. To turn round (volverse).

1 (poner alrededor de) to encircle; enclose
rodearon el terreno con alambre de púas they surrounded the field with barbed wire; they put a barbed wire fence around the field; le rodeó el cuello con los brazos she threw her arms round his neck
2 (ponerse alrededor de) to surround
los soldados rodearon el edificio the soldiers surrounded the building
3 (Latinoamérica) [+ganado] to round up
1 (volverse) to turn round
rodearse de to surround o.s. with; se rodeó de gente importante she surrounded herself with important people

Verb Conjugations for "rodear" (go to to surround)


yo rodeo rodeé rodeaba rodearía rodearé
rodeas rodeaste rodeabas rodearías rodearás
él/ella/Ud. rodea rodeó rodeaba rodearía rodeará
nosotros rodeamos rodeamos rodeábamos rodearíamos rodearemos
vosotros rodeáis rodeasteis rodeabais rodearíais rodearéis
ellos/ellas/Uds. rodean rodearon rodeaban rodearían rodearán
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