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1. cohete (m)
  • to give somebody a rocket (familiar) echar una regañina or (reprimand) (británico) bronca a alguien (español de España)
  • it isn't rocket science (familiar) no se trata de descubrir América
  • rocket launcher lanzacohetes m inv
intransitive verb
2. dispararse (prices)
rocket [ˈrɒkɪt]
1 (Mil) cohete (m); (space rocket) cohete (m) espacial
2 (firework) cohete (m)
3 (Britain)
to get a rocket from sb recibir una peluca de algn; to give sb a rocket (for the mistake) echar un rapapolvo a algn (por el error)
intransitive verb
to rocket upwards subir como un cohete; to rocket to the moon ir en cohete a la luna; to rocket to fame ascender vertiginosamente a la fama; prices have rocketed los precios han subido vertiginosamente
transitive verb
(Mil) atacar con cohetes
rocket attack (n) ataque (m) con cohetes
rocket launcher (n) lanzacohetes (m)
rocket propulsion (n) propulsión (f) a cohete
rocket range (n) base (f) de lanzamiento de cohetes
rocket science (n) astronáutica (f) (de cohetes)
this isn't rocket science para esto no hay que saber latín
It didn't take long for our people at CBS to learn these techniques. As I'd told Sauter, this isn't rocket science
rocket scientist (n) ingenieroaingeniera (m) (f) astronáuticoaastronáutica;a ingeniera a astronáutica
...German rocket scientists who had perfected the V-l and V-2 bombs
it doesn't take a rocket scientist to ... no hace falta ser una lumbrera para ...
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that one out
rocket [ˈrɒkɪt]
(Bot) oruga (f)
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