"robar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to steal (objeto) ; to burgle (casa)
  • me han robado la moto -> my motorbike's been stolen
  • robar a alguien -> to rob somebody
  • robar el corazón a alguien -> to steal somebody's heart
  • la contabilidad me roba mucho tiempo -> doing the accounts takes up a lot of my time
2. to draw (en naipes)
3. to rob (cobrar caro)
  • en esa tienda te roban -> the prices in that shop are daylight robbery
4. (encuentro)
  • nos robaron el partido -> we were robbed

robar [ro-bar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To rob (dueño), to plunder, to steal (objeto).
2. To abduct, to kidnap (persona).
3. To sweep away part of its banks (río).
4. To overcharge, to overreach in the sale of goods.
5. To gain another’s affections, to ingratiate oneself.
6. To diminish the color, to weaken or lower the coloring.
7. With bee-masters, to take the heed from a divided hive and put them into an empty one, by removing the honey-comb.
  • Robar algo a uno -> to steal something from somebody
  • Robar el corazón a uno -> to steal somebody's heart

1 [+objeto, dinero] to steal; [+banco] to rob
¡nos han robado! we've been robbed!; robar algo a algn to steal sth from sb; les robaba dinero a sus compañeros de clase he was stealing money from his classmates; me han robado la cartera my wallet has been stolen; Ana le ha robado el novio Ana has stolen her boyfriend; el defensa le robó el balón the defender stole the ball off him; no quiero robarle su tiempo I don't want to take up your time; tuve que robarle horas al sueño para acabar el trabajo I had to work into the night to finish the job; robarle el corazón a algn to steal sb's heart
2 [+atención] to steal; capture; [+paciencia] to exhaust; [+tranquilidad] to destroy; take away; [+vida] to take; steal
3 (estafar) to cheat; rob
en ese negocio te han robado you've been cheated o robbed in that deal
4 [+naipes] to take; draw
roba una carta de la baraja take o draw a card from the deck
5 [+río, corriente] to carry away
6 (raptar) to kidnap; abduct
1 (sisar) to steal
lo cogieron robando he was caught stealing; no robarás (Biblia) thou shalt not steal; entraron a robar en mi casa they broke into my house
2 (Naipes) to take a card; draw a card

Verb Conjugations for "robar" (go to to steal)


yo robo robé robaba robaría robaré
robas robaste robabas robarías robarás
él/ella/Ud. roba robó robaba robaría robará
nosotros robamos robamos robábamos robaríamos robaremos
vosotros robáis robasteis robabais robaríais robaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. roban robaron robaban robarían robarán
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