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1. asado (m) (piece of meat)
2. asado(a)
transitive verb
3. asar (meat); tostar (nuts, coffee)
4. desollar (familiar) (criticize)
roast [rəʊst]
asado (m)
asado; [+coffee] torrefacto; tostado
roast beef rosbif (m)
transitive verb
1 [+meat] asar; [+coffee] tostar
the sun which was roasting the city el sol que achicharraba la ciudad; to roast one's feet by the fire asarse los pies junto al fuego; to roast o.s. in the sun tostarse al sol
to roast sb (criticize) criticar a algn; censurar a algn; (scold) desollar vivo a algn
intransitive verb
[+meat] asarse; [+person] tostarse
we roasted there for a whole month nos asamos allí durante un mes entero
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