feminine noun
1. (general) 
a. laughter (uncountable) 
La risa de ese niñito es contagiosa.That little kid's laughter is infectious.
b. laugh (countable) 
Malena tiene una risa como nadie que jamás he conocido.Malena has a laugh like nobody else I've ever met.
1. (general) 
a. laugh 
tiene una risa muy contagiosashe has a very infectious laugh
se me escapó la risaI burst out laughing
se oían risaslaughter could be heard
provocó las risas del públicoit made the audience laugh
me da risaI find it funny
¡qué risa!how funny!
2. (fam fig) 
morirse o partirse de risato die laughing, to split one's sides (laughing)
fue una risa verle imitar a los profesoresit was hilarious o a scream watching him take off the teachers
no es cosa de risait's no laughing matter
tomar algo a risato take something as a joke
el libro es una verdadera risa the book is a real laugh; hubo risas there was laughter
causar risa a algn to make sb laugh
dar risa
daba risa la manera en que lo explicaba it was so funny the way he told it; me dio la risa I got (a fit of) the giggles
de risa
no es cosa de risa it's no laughing matter; le pagan un sueldo de risa they pay him a pittance; what they pay him is a joke
entrarle a algn la risa
me entró la risa I got (a fit of) the giggles
mover o provocar a algn a risa to make sb laugh
¡qué risa!
¡qué risa! ¿cómo se llama este humorista? he's hilarious o so funny! what's that comedian's name again?; ¡qué risa, casi se cae de culo! what a laugh o it was so funny o it was such a laugh, she nearly fell on her backside!
soltar la risa to burst out laughing
tomarse algo a risa to treat sth as a joke
no te tomes a risa todo lo que te digo don't treat everything I tell you as a joke
ahogarse de risa to fall about laughing
caerse de risa to fall about laughing
descoserse o desternillarse de (la) risa to split one's sides laughing; laugh one's head off
estallar en risas
morirse de risa to die laughing; kill o.s. laughing
mondarse de risa to split one's sides laughing; laugh one's head off
muerto de risa
estaba muerto de risa con la película he was killing himself laughing at the film
la bicicleta está muerta de risa en el garaje the bike is gathering dust in the garage
partirse o troncharse de risa to split one's sides laughing; laugh one's head off
la risa va por barrios every dog has his day
risa contagiosa infectious laugh
risa de conejo false laugh; affected laugh
risa floja risa tonta
me dio o entró la risa floja o tonta I got (a fit of) the giggles
risas enlatadas canned laughter
; (s)
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