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1. desgarrón (m) rasgadura (f) (in cloth, paper)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp ripped)
2. rasgar (cloth, paper)
  • to rip something to pieces hacer jirones algo; hacer añicos algo (sentido figurado) (performance, argument)
intransitive verb
3. rasgarse (cloth, paper)
4. (familiar)
  • to let rip pisar a fondo; (while driving) darlo todo, entregarse (in performance)
  • to let rip (at somebody) echar una bronca (a alguien) (shout at)
rip [rɪp]
rasgón (m); desgarrón (m)
transitive verb
rasgar; desgarrar
to rip open [+envelope, parcel, wound] abrir desgarrando; to rip sth to pieces hacer algo trizas
intransitive verb
1 [+cloth] rasgarse; desgarrarse
to rip along volar; ir a todo gas; to let rip desenfrenarse; to let rip at sb arremeter contra algn; let her rip! ¡más rápido!; ¡más gas! (informal)
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