ringing [ˈrɪŋɪŋ]
(Orn) anillado (m); anillamiento (m)
ringing [ˈrɪŋɪŋ]
1 [+telephone] que suena or sonaba etc
A ringing telephone saved me from answering that question the sound of a ringing telephone I am plagued by constantly ringing telephones
ringing tone (Britain) (Telec) señal (f) de llamada
2 (resounding) [+voice] sonoro; resonante; [+declaration] grandilocuente; [+endorsement, condemnation] enérgico
a ringing endorsement of the President's economic plan the ringing cheers of the assembled multitude she marched down hallways with ringing steps there was a ringing clatter of metal as the tray hit the floor so far we have had ringing declarations but only limited action conclude the conference on a flamboyant note,with a ringing public declaration of Anglo-American unity it was hardly a ringing endorsement government policy Europeans early sounded a ringing condemnation of the practice of scalping
in ringing tones en tono enérgico
Temple placed the Bible on Meg's head and in ringing tones declaimed psalm 51 he then squeezed in a few words about racial stereotypes and concluded his speech in ringing tones by saying that ...
[of large bell] repique (m); tañido (m) (literary); [of handbell] campanilleo (m); [of electric bell] toque (m); [of telephone] timbre (m); pitidos (m); (in ears) zumbido (m)
the metallic ringing of cash registers
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