"rinde" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to surrender (entregar, dar) (arma, alma)
  • rendir cuentas a alguien de algo -> to give an account of something to somebody
2. to pay (ofrecer) (pleitesía)
  • rendir culto a -> to worship
  • rendir homenaje o tributo a alguien -> to pay tribute to somebody
3. to yield (rentar)
4. to defeat, to subdue (vencer)
5. to wear out, to tire out (cansar)
intransitive verb
6. to perform well (máquina) ; to be profitable (negocio) ; to be productive (fábrica, trabajador)
  • este atleta ya no rinde como antes -> this athlete isn't as good as he used to be
7. (dar de sí)
  • esta pintura rinde mucho -> a little of this paint goes a long way
  • me rinde mucho el tiempo -> I get a lot done (in the time)
pronomial verb
1. to give oneself up, to surrender (entregarse)
2. (ceder, abandonar)
    to submit, to give in
  • ¡me rindo! -> I give in o up! (en adivinanza)
  • rendirse a la evidencia -> to bow to the evidence

rendir [ren-deer']
article & verb transitive
1. To subject (voluntad), to subdue (país), to conquer (vencer), to overcome.
2. To render, to surrender, to yield, to give up, to deliver up.
  • Rendir el puesto -> (Mil.) to give up a post, to commit it to another
3. To render, to give back (devolver), to return, to restore, to produce.
4. To vomit, to throw up from the stomach.
  • Rendir gracia -> V
  • Rendir obsequios -> V
verb neuter
5. To yield (producir). (n)
  • El negocio no rinde -> the business doesn't give good results
  • Este año he rendido poco -> it has done poorly this year
verb reflexive
6. To be tired, to be worn out with fatigue (cansarse).
7. To yield (ceder), to submit to another, to give way.
8. To spring (mástil). (Nautical)
  • Rendir la guardia -> to set the watch

1 (producir) to produce; [+beneficios etc] to yield; [+producto, total etc] to produce; [+interés] to bear
2 (cansar) to exhaust; tire out
le rindió el sueño he was overcome by sleep
rendir homenaje a to pay tribute to; rendir culto a to worship; rendir las gracias to give thanks
4 (Mil) [+ciudad] to surrender; [+fortaleza] to take; capture
rendir la guardia to hand over the guard
5 (Mil) [+bandera] to dip; [+armas] to lower; reverse
6 (España) (vomitar) to vomit; bring up
7 (Com) [+factura] to send
rendir examen (S. Cone) to sit o take an exam
9 (vencer) [+país] to conquer; subdue
10 (dominar) to dominate
logró rendir el albedrío de la joven he came to dominate the young woman's will completely; había que rendir su entereza he had to overcome his moral objections
11 (devolver) to give back; return; (entregar) to hand over
1 (producir) to yield; produce; (dar resultados) to give good results
el negocio no rinde the business is not profitable o doesn't pay; la finca rinde para mantener a ocho familias the estate produces enough to keep eight families; este año ha rendido poco it has done poorly this year; trabajo, pero no rindo I work hard but without much to show for it
2 [+arroz] to swell up
3 (Latinoamérica) (durar) to last longer; keep going
1 (ceder) to yield;a to; (Mil) to surrender; (entregarse) to give o.s. up
rendirse a la razón to yield to reason; rendirse a la evidencia to bow before the evidence; rendirse a la fuerza to yield to violence; ¡me rindo! I give in!
2 (cansarse) to wear o.s. out

Verb Conjugations for "rendir" (go to to surrender; to yield; to exhaust, to tire out)


yo rindo rendí rendía rendiría rendiré
rindes rendiste rendías rendirías rendirás
él/ella/Ud. rinde rindió rendía rendiría rendirá
nosotros rendimos rendimos rendíamos rendiríamos rendiremos
vosotros rendís rendisteis rendíais rendiríais rendiréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. rinden rindieron rendían rendirían rendirán
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