usage note
This word must be preceded by the definite article in the sense shown in 4.
1. (virtuous) 
a. recto 
The righteous man was knighted by the queen.El hombre recto fue nombrado caballero por la reina.
b. honrado 
He was a good and righteous man. He would never have harmed a child.Era un hombre bueno y honrado. Nunca le habría hecho daño a un niño.
2. (self-righteous) 
I couldn't take the righteous attitudes of my colleagues, so I left.No soportaba la actitud de superioridad moral de mis colegas, así que dejé el trabajo.
3. (justified) 
Righteous anger compelled her to speak out about the unfair treatment she had received.Su ira justificada la impelió a expresar su opinión sobre el trato injusto que había recibido.
b. justo 
They expressed their righteous indignation at this attack on their rights.Expresaron su justa indignación ante este ataque a sus derechos.
plural noun
4. (religious) 
The righteous will be rewarded in heaven.Los justos se verán recompensados en el cielo.
1. (person) 
a. virtuoso(a) 
2. (indignation) 
a. justo(a) 
righteous [ˈraɪtʃəs]
1 (virtuous) [+person, conduct] honrado; recto
2 (self-righteous) [+tone, manner] de superioridad moral
her righteous manner irritated him su aire de superioridad moral lo irritaba
3 (justified) [+indignation, anger] justificado; justo
Fullbright was seething with righteous indignation There was an outburst of righteous [indignation]. They expressed pain and righteous anger at the injustices of ghetto life
the righteous (Bible) los justos
The Lord is far from the wicked but he hears the prayers of the righteous
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